What are the world’s most expensive private jets? If we’re talking about the overall cost of planes delivered to their owners, the answer is always: big jets owned by major celebrities and VIPs. Their large luxury jets are often bought for hundreds of millions of dollars. They may then be customized for hundreds of millions more. From mini concert halls and spas to conference suites and huge showers, money can buy almost anything on a private jet! 

Our list of the most expensive private jets, however, focuses on the base price of the top models.

If there are beautiful and luxury airplanes in the turboprop, very light, light, super light, and midsize jets categories, we will focus on bigger jets offering unparalleled luxury, space, or performance for chartering and purchase.

Most Expensive Super Midsize Private Jets

Challenger 3500 – around $28 million

The Challenger 3500 is the evolution of the best-selling aircraft in the category of the super midsize private jet, the Challenger 300/350 which entered into service in September 2022. The charter cost for the Challenger 300/350 or 3500 is approximately $5,300 an hour. What amenities does this price include?

  • Seats comfortably up to 9 passengers (10 with a belted lav seat), flat floor, state-of-the-art seating, and cabin experience (coming directly from the flagship Global family)

  • The lowest cabin pressure altitude in the category allows passengers to arrive fresh and rested at their destination

  • Range: 3,200 nm with 8 passengers, allowing for transatlantic flights

Alternative Aircraft

  • costing around $21 million, the Embraer Praetor 600 has one of the longest ranges in its class (4,018 nm). Its quiet cabin can also seat 8–10 passengers. Hourly charter cost: $5,200.

  • Citation Longitude: biggest Cessna aircraft in service, up to 9 passengers, hourly rate: 5,300 USD 

Most expensive Heavy & Ultra Long Range Aircraft

Gulfstream G500 – around $50 million

The Gulfstream G500 is the evolution of the GIV- G450 with a totally redesigned cabin and longer range (approx. 5,200 nm) which entered into service in 2018. For an hour of chartering this aircraft, you’ll pay about 10K per hour. Let’s see what amenities this aircraft offers:

  • Flat floor, stand-up cabin with 3 zones (allowing for some privacy at the back of the airplane) with a configuration of up to 15 pax (standard configuration of 13 pax),

  • Most natural light enters via the largest windows in business aviation,

  • State-of-the-art Fly-by-wire technology (joystick) that pilots love.

Alternative aircraft

Global 7500 – Around $75 million

The Global 7500 aircraft is the longest range for a business jet with up to 7,700 nm. It has a 4 zone cabin, allowing for a master suite and a permanent queen-size bed in some configurations. The charter cost of this ultra-long-range business jet is about 14K an hour. What benefits does this price include? 

  • Possibility of a stand-up shower in the lav,

  • Full-size kitchen to prepare delicious meals,

  • Dedicated crew rest area for the extended crew on long flights, giving privacy to the passengers in the cabin,

  • Cabin seating up to 16 passengers (standard configuration of 14 pax),

  • High-speed worldwide Ka-band WiFi is available as an option.

Falcon 8X – Around $65 million

Legendary Falcon 8X is a 3-engine airplane with a range of up to 6,450 nm. What conveniences can you expect by choosing this aircraft?

  • Three-zone cabin with a standard configuration between 12 and 14 pax,

  • Best aircraft performance in challenging weather environments (short runways, hot and high climates, etc.)

Most Expensive VIP Airliners

When celebrities buy long-haul airliners designed to carry hundreds of passengers, the cost doesn’t end there. These planes are configured or retrofitted as private jets and customized to their owner’s requirements. The finished product can cost $400-600 million. Sky is the limit in terms of interior configuration as it is totally customized, but you can expect:

  • large or multiple shower-rooms

  • full size and/or multiple galleys

  • meeting rooms or dining rooms

  • one or more bedrooms and/or a VIP suite or two, with an ensuite and sometimes a study or dressing room too

  • the latest technology

  • top-class amenities and high-end finishes.

Boeing Business Jets

Boeing’s high-class line of jets is known as BBJs (Boeing Business Jets). Some of the latest models, such as the BBJ 777X, cost around $400 million for the basic plane without fittings. The 777X is the longest-range private jet available on the market. It has a range of over 11,500 nm and carries up to 100 passengers in sumptuous comfort.

Airbus Corporate Jets

Like Boeing, Airbus has released a range of VIP planes based on their existing narrow and wide-body models. The latest wide body, the ACJ350, costs between $300 million and $375 million, depending on your required specs. It has a range of 11,100 nm and seats 25 passengers. The ACJ220, the latest narrow body, is a snip at just $81 million.

VIP airliners available for charter

Let’s take a look at the VIP airliners available for charter:

The original BBJ, based on the 737-100, costs under $70 million. It seats 19 passengers. The only catch? The range is much shorter than the 777X, at only 5985 nm. The BBJ2 (based on the 737-800) and BBJ3 (based on the 737-900ER) are similarly luxurious and can be chartered at around the same price. However, they’re longer planes usually configured for up to 21 passengers, with ranges of 4750 nm and 4225 nm respectively. All have 7ft high cabins, providing ample headroom, and a cruise speed of around 470KTAS. They represent great value charter options in this class. For an hourly charter, you’ll pay between $18,000 and $20,000.

Older ACJ models provide a luxurious charter experience. The ACJ320 seats 19 and has a range of 4950 nm. Hourly charter cost is comprised of between $21,000 and $24,000. The AC319 is usually configured for 19 pax with a typical configuration that includes VIP quarters, complete with an office, bathroom, shower, and bed, but there is also a Business Class style configuration allowing for up to 50 pax. It has a longer range of 6,000 nm (with additional optional fuel tanks), and hourly charter cost comprised between $18,000 and $20,000. 

Enjoy the Most Expensive Private Planes in the World by Charter

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