What is the biggest private jet in the world? If you’re ever wondered, we’re here to answer your question. But before we do, we have a caveat: it depends on what you mean by ‘biggest’ private jet. Largest passenger capacity? Length? Width? Cabin size? Wingspan?

Whatever ‘biggest’ means to you, you’ll find some great examples in our list of eight of the biggest private jets you can charter.  

Eight Biggest Private Jets to Charter for Your Trip

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing are well known for their range of large jets, and their Boeing Business Jets—modelled on their airliners—are some of the biggest private jets in the world. These giant jets offer nearly triple the space of other executive private jets, and the private jet models are configured to transport a maximum of 19 people in incredibly spacious comfort. That’s why around a third of all BBJ customers are heads of state!

A Boeing Business Jet offers a full-service galley, a crew rest area, living, dining, and conference rooms, a private suite with a queen-sized bed and ensuite shower-room, and often a second shower room too. There’s also a breathtakingly large baggage area, so you really can take all your home comforts with you!

With an average cruise speed of 469 KTAS and a range of 5985 NM, it can fly non-stop from New York to Honolulu, Cairo, or Buenos Aires.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 110.34 ft

Wingspan: 117.42 ft

Height: 41.24 ft

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length: 79.16 ft

Cabin width: 11.58 ft    

Cabin height: 7 ft 1    

Baggage capacity: 5297.2 ft³

Embraer Lineage 1000E

Well known for its luxurious interior and top-pf-the-range amenities, the Embraer Lineage 1000E is usually configured into five separate zones. That means that even with its maximum of 19 passengers on board, it really can feel like a flying home and office! Most 1000Es have a foyer and crew rest area with its own lavatory, a large galley, a dining room or conference area, a lounge with three sub-zones, and a master bedroom with ensuite shower room. The shower is truly luxurious, with room for two people! It can also fly for 4,600 NM non-stop, allowing you to make international and short intercontinental flights with no need for a fuel stop, and has a cruise speed of 472 KTAS. While not quite the size of the Boeing above, its dimensions are still impressive.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 119 ft

Wingspan: 94.24 ft

Height: 34.7 ft

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 84 ft 4

Cabin width 8.76 ft

Cabin height 6.56ft

Baggage capacity: 443 ft3

Bombardier Global 7500

The Global 7500 is fitted with the Bombardier Pũr Air system. This uses an advanced HEPA filter that captures up to 99.99% of allergens and microbes while completely replacing the cabin air with 100% fresh air in 90 seconds. The cabin has four separate zones with extra-large windows. This model is also fitted with the top-of-the range Nuage deep-recline seat, with a tilting headrest and ‘floating’ base for maximum comfort. The Global 7500 also offers a well-equipped crew suite, the largest galley in the industry, and a bedroom with a large wardrobe and ensuite shower-room. As an extra bonus, the baggage compartment is fully accessible.

Accommodating 19 people, this aircraft has a cruise speed of 487 KTAS and a range of 7,700 NM, making it ideal for most intercontinental flights.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 111 ft

Wingspan: 104 ft

Height: 27 ft

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 54.5 ft 

Cabin width 8 ft

Cabin height 6.2 ft 

Baggage capacity: 195 ft3

Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER holds the record for the farthest, fastest flight in business aviation history. Its clean air system delivers 100% fresh air every two minutes and uses ionizing technology to destroy allergens and microbes. The G650ER can be configured into three or four zones and features a crew area and galley. It can seat up to 19 passengers or provide sleeping space for up to 10. With the quietest cabin and largest windows of any business class jet, it provides the perfect space in the sky for relaxing or working.

The G650ER has a maximum range of 7,500 NM and a cruise speed of 488 KTAS.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 99 ft 9 

Wingspan: 99 ft 7 

Height: 25 ft 8 

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 46 ft 10

Cabin width 8 ft 2

Cabin height 6 ft 3

Baggage capacity: 195 ft3

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 has a range of 6750 NM, meaning you can fly from Tokyo to Paris non-stop, and a cruise speed of 508 KTAS. 

The spacious cabin can seat up to 19 passengers, but typical more comfortable arrangements are for 10 passengers. It can be configured for up to four livng areas and typically includes a meeting/dining room, a stand-up shower, productivity suites, and a crew rest area. There’s also generous storage space.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 96.42 ft  

Wingspan: 88.48 ft 

Height: 25.82 ft 

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 43.94 ft 

Cabin width 7.3 ft 

Cabin height 6 f.18 ft 

Baggage capacity: 226 ft3

Dassault Falcon 8X

The Falcon 8X has the longest cabin of any Falcon and flexible configurations. Some interior layouts feature a three-lounge cabin with a shower aft and crew rest space at the front. A shorter entryway can add more lounge space while a larger entryway can provide sleeping quarters for the crew or an extra-large galley. However, it’s configured, there’s space for its 12 passengers to spread out and enjoy the amenities it offers.

The Falcon’s ability to handle steep take-offs and short approaches opens up airports that can’t be used by other comparable planes. With a cruise speed of 480 KTAS and a maximum speed of 600 KTAS, it’s no slouch either, and an impressive range of 6,450 nm means you can fly nonstop from New York to Beijing.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 80 ft 3 

Wingspan: 86 ft 3 

Height: 26 ft 1

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 42 ft 8

Cabin width 7 ft 8

Cabin height 6 ft 2 

Baggage capacity: 140 ft3

Bombardier Global 6500

The Bombardier Global 6500 has the widest cabin in its class, providing plenty of space for up to 17 passengers. Like the 7500 model featured earlier, it has a luxurious cabin with top-of-the range extra-wide Nuage seats, ergonomic Nuage chaise longues, and an accessible baggage compartment. It features three cabin zones, and there’s a high-spec galley, a crew rest area with lavatory, and a private suite with an ensuite shower room and large wardrobe. The 6500 also has advanced noise reduction and leading-edge wing technology, giving you a quieter, smoother flight.

With a cruise speed of 583 KTAS and a range of 6,600 NM the Global 6500 will get you from continent to continent with speed and style.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 99 ft 5 

Wingspan: 94 ft  

Height: 25 ft 6

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 43 ft 3

Cabin width 7 ft 11

Cabin height 6 ft 2 

Baggage capacity: 195 ft3

Cessna Citation Longitude

The Cessna Citation Longitude boasts a standing-height cabin and a flat aisle, making it safer and more comfortable to walk about while in the air. The world’s quietest super midsize cabin also offers seats that can adapt for sleeping. At the rear, you’ll find an accessible walk-in baggage compartment and spacious lavatory. While it’s usually configured for eight people with famously abundant legroom, it can be configured to seat 12.

With a maximum cruise speed of 483 KTAS and a range of 3,500 NM, this luxurious private jet is ideal for international flights.

Aircraft dimensions

Length: 73 ft 2 in

Wingspan: 68 ft 11

Height: 19 ft 5

Cabin and baggage area dimensions

Cabin length 25 ft 2

Cabin width 6 ft 5

Cabin height 6 ft

Baggage capacity: 112 ft3

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