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Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager

A fleet manager is a person or commercial aviation entity that is subcontracted to manage the maintenance and operation of corporate aircraft. Fleet management companies can take care of a wide variety of functions which can include aircraft financing, aircraft maintenance, aircraft telematics (tracking and diagnostics), crew management, fuel management and health & safety management.

Fleet managers take care of the logistics of maintaining a fleet of aircraft so that companies which rely on aircraft transportation in their business can remove or minimize the risks associated with aircraft investment, improving efficiency and productivity. Fleet managers can either be a part of an in-house fleet-management department or an outsourced fleet-management provider.

Fleet managers often supervise a team of aviation professionals who take care of individual functions of aircraft management such as financing, maintenance, crew management, and other functions. Most companies that employ fleet managers tend to use an out-sourced fleet manager provider which helps to reduce strain on their own flight departments.

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