The Masters

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA

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In 1934, when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were making history on the baseball field and the Great Depression was forcing many golf courses to close, the first Masters Tournament was held on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

More than 100 years later, The Masters remains one of the top tournaments in golf. Invited participants play 72 holes over four days, each trying to capture a place in history and the coveted Green Jacket.

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Masters Q&As

Is it always played at Augusta National?

Yes, ever since it started in 1934 by amateur golfer and Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones, it has been held at the club he founded four years earlier with investment banker partner Clifford Roberts. It sits on 365 acres that had once been a plant nursery. Jones and Robert bought it for $70,000.

When is it held?

The first full week in April.

Why is Augusta National considered snooty?

It’s one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world. There are only 300 members and none of them are women. Blacks were admitted in 1990. You have to be nominated by a current member to become one yourself. Doesn’t matter who you are. Even the likes of Bill Gates get shut out. And, there has to be an opening. In other words, another member must quit (never happens) or die.

The Masters

Greens at the Augusta National Golf Club

How much does the winner get?

The first winner, Horton Smith, in 1934, got $1,500 of the $5,000 total prize money. In 2015, winner Jordan Spieth got $1.8 million out of the prize money totaling almost $10 million.

What’s with the Green Jacket?

Since 1949, the winner of the Masters has been presented with a green jacket, making him an honorary member of Augusta National where all members wear green sport coats. They get to keep the jacket for a year but then must return it to the club where it is there for them to wear when they visit.

How many golfers are invited to the Masters?

It starts with a relatively small field of 90-100 players – the top 50 in the Official World Golf Ranking are automatically invited; the rest meet qualifying criteria.

Who has the most wins?

Jack Nicklaus won six times; Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have won four times; Sam Snead, Gary Player, Phil Mickelson, Nick Faldo and Jimmy Demaret have three wins.

Why do caddies wear white overalls?

Although golfers have been allowed to bring their own caddies since 1983, they still must wear the traditional garb of the club’s own caddies – white overalls. Like many traditions at Augusta, there is a racist bent to this one started by Augusta National co-founder Cliff Roberts. The first caddies at Augusta were local poor black men. The overalls, laundered by and left at the club, were to cover their shabby clothes.

Things To Do in Augusta

Augusta, which was founded in 1736 as a trading post during the British colonial period, epitomizes the South with its antebellum mansions and historic confederate sites. There is much to see and do there. You can:

  • Visit the last vestige of the Confederacy, the 168-foot Powerworks Chimney. It was built to produce gunpowder.
  • Pay tribute to fallen Confederate troops like General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson at the Confederate Monument. Life-size statues surround the monument.
  • Check out the arsenal captured by Confederate troops on display at Augusta State University.
  • Get down with James Brown. You can have your picture taken with his statue on Broad Street or learn about the Godfather of Soul honing his music while shining shoes on city streets at the Augusta Museum of History.
  • Celebrate African-American history at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History. Lucy Craft Laney founded the first school for black students in 1883.
  • Visit the oldest African-American Church, Springfield Baptist, which was founded in 1787.

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