SAE World Congress

Detroit, MI

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The SAE World Congress gathers experts in the automotive and aerospace industries in Detroit to discuss with its members what’s new in everything concerned with moving people from one location to another.

Last year, some 11,000 people – including engineers, industry executives, academia and military officials – attended the three-day event to hear about the latest automotive trends and to network with others from all over the world.

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What is SAE?

The Society of Automobile Engineers was started in 1905, in the early years of the automobile when car manufacturers realized they needed the help and advice of a technical society. Some 30 engineers, including Henry Ford, were the first members. By 1916, the group had 1,800 members and, at its annual meeting, engineers in other fields, including aeronautics, farm machinery and the boating industry were clamoring to join.

And so, to accommodate them, the SAE became a new organization that represented engineers in all types of motion-related professions.

Between 1980 and 2000, the association went global.

What else does SAE International do?

SAE develops and manages more aerospace and ground vehicle standards than any other entity in the world. It has thousands of standards and important technical papers that can be downloaded.

It publishes global magazines on automotive, aerospace and off-highway engineering to customers in more than 65 countries.

It organizes dozens of international meetings every year to appeal to all aspects of technology.

Is the SAE Congress only open to its 128,000 members?

No, but it’s cheaper if you are a member and you can join online.

A fast fact to impress your friends

When others besides those in the automobile industry wanted to join, the group changed its name to the Society of Automotive Engineers to reflect members in all types of mobility-related professions. SAE member Elmer Sperry, an inventor with more than 350 patents, created the term “automotive” from the Greek “autos” (self) and the Latin “motivus” (of motion) to represent all self-powered vehicles.

SAE World Congress

SAE develops and manages more aerospace and ground vehicle standards than any other entity in the world. It has thousands of standards and important technical papers that can be downloaded.

What Else To Do And See In Detroit

  • The Henry Ford Museum and Deerfield Village: It’s not just a collection of Ford cars. It’s a collection of things Ford collected that show the ingenuity and creative genius of Americans. There is everything from an exhibit examining the cultural significance of the car to an exhibit on American freedom fighters.

    Adjacent is Deerfield Village, an 80-acre outdoor museum onto which 83 authentic historic buildings were relocated. You can visit the workshops of Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. You can also see Abraham Lincoln’s first law office and the home where Noah Webster wrote his dictionary.

    The museum is located about 10 miles west of Detroit in Dearborn.

  • Belle Isle: This 1,000-acre island in the middle of the Detroit River is accessible from Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge. A state park with a swimming beach, an aquarium, a conservatory, a nature zoo, the Great Lake Museum and a yacht club are all on the island. It is also the site of the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. It’s a fun place to visit because most attractions are free.

    The island became somewhat controversial when real estate developer Rod Lockwood Jr. wrote a book in which he fantasized investors bought the island from the city of Detroit for $1 billion and used it as a tax-free commonwealth for 35,000 rich residents.

  • Detroit Institute of Arts: With 100 galleries filled with artworks, there is plenty to see here, including works by Degas and Cezanne.

    The true prize, however, is Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s huge mural called “Detroit Industry.” The four-wall painting, commissioned in 1932 by Edsel Ford, tells the story of car manufacturing in Detroit.

    His wife, Frida Kahlo, who also was an artist, helped with the project. Rivera considered it his best work.

    Here’s an interesting fact: The mural was controversial at the time, in part because it showed something “un-American” -- people of all colors working side by side. Ford refused to bow to critics, saying the painting reflected the spirit of Detroit.

  • The Motown Museum: It’s the recording studio near downtown where Berry Gordy Jr. built his Motor City musical empire. His stable of musicians included Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5.

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