Brickyard 400

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

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The Brickyard 400, a summer favorite of Nascar fans, is held at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, nicknamed the Brickyard because the track was resurfaced with 3.2 million bricks in 1911. The bricks have been repaved, all except a yard-wide strip that was preserved at the start/finish line to keep a piece of history.

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About The Race

The Brickyard 400, a 400-mile Nascar Sprint Cup points race, was first run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1994. In the early years, the race, which brought Nascar out of the South, drew some 250,000 spectators. It only draws half that many these days but remains a coveted title for the drivers. Many of Nascar’s most famous drivers have raced and won here. Jeff Gordon has won five ties and Jimmie Johnson has won four.

It was the first race besides the Indianapolis 500 to be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1916.

When the Speedway opened in 1909, its surface was dangerous – crushed stone and tar. So, they repaved it with bricks in 1911.

Drivers have a hard time passing on the 2.5-mile oval track. Fuel mileage is often the difference between the winning and losing cars. It also has 9-degree banking turns as opposed to other Nascar circuits like Daytona, which has 31-degree banks, and Charlotte, which has 24-degree banking turns.

Wonder what a driver like Jeff Gordon sees? Ride along with him at the 2014 Brickyard 400.

Wonder what the spectators see? Watch Kyle Busch win the 2015 Brickyard 400.

Brickyard 400

Brickyard’s Winningest

  • Jeff Gordon, who won the inaugural Brickyard 400 in 1994, went on to win four more, making him the most successful driver in the race’s history.
  • Right behind him is Jimmie Johnson with four.
  • Dale Jarrett and Tony Stewart have each won twice.
  • Hendrick Motorsports’ nine wins make it the most successful team.
  • Chevrolet has made the most winning cars – by far. With 16 wins, Chevrolet surpasses Ford, the second-place manufacturer, by 13 wins.

Brickyard Trivia

  • So as not to usurp the Indianapolis 500, several Indianapolis Motor Speedway traditions have been omitted or changed for the Brickyard 400. To set itself apart and honor Nascar’s southern roots, country singers are often invited to sing the national anthem.
  • When it began, the Brickyard 400 had some of the biggest crowds in Nascar history. Attendance has dropped through the years but track officials would not know that when some bleacher seating was removed and infield general admission not offered to keep the race from usurping the Indianapolis 500. Today, some seats are covered to prevent the large track from looking empty during the race. Yet, the Brickyard 400 remains one of the largest draws in Nascar.

Things To See And Do In Indianapolis

  • The Children’s Museum: Kids of all ages will have fun at the world’s largest children’s museum where there is a huge stuffed polar bear and a water clock.
  • The Indianapolis Zoo: There is a new $26 million orangutan center.
  • Look for native David Letterman: He’s around somewhere.
  • Visit White River State Park: It’s where you’ll find the zoo and gardens and museums.