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Charter a Private Jet to the ATP World Tour Finals

ATP World Tour Finals

ATP World Tour Finals

Nov 14, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021

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The prestigious Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour Finals, considered the most important indoor tennis tournament in the world, is held every year in London.

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If you’d like to be among the crowd of more than a quarter million fans watching the world’s top-ranked tennis players face off, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any airport near London, including:

  1. Aeritalia Airport, LIMA, Torino, Italy (4 miles)
  2. Torino Airport, LIMF, TRN, Turin (Torino), Italy (11 miles)
  3. Levaldigi Airport, LIMZ, CUF, Cuneo, Italy (34 miles)
  4. Biella Cerrione Airport, LILE, Biella, Italy (38 miles)
  5. Aosta Airport, LIMW, AOT, Aosta, Italy (50 miles)
  6. Courchevel, LFLJ, CVF, Courchevel, France (55 miles)
  7. Cameri Airport, LIMN, LTT, Cameri, Italy (60 miles)
  8. Malpensa Airport, LIMC, MXP, Milan, Italy (66 miles)
  9. Voghera Airport, LILH, Voghera, Italy (67 miles)
  10. Albenga Airport, LIMG, ALL, Albenga, Italy (72 miles)

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A Little History

When the season-ending event started in 1970 in Tokyo, it was called the Masters Grand Prix and was part of the Grand Prix Tennis Circuit.

ATP took it over in 1990 and renamed it the ATP Tour World Championship. It competed with another championship, the Grand Slam Cup, which was run by the International Tennis Federation.

After the two associations combined in 1999, the year-ending championship was called the Tennis Masters Cup. In 2009, it was renamed to the ATP World Tour Finals, the name it keeps today. Since 2009, it has been held at the O2, on east London’s Greenwich Peninsula. Before that, it was held all over the world in cities like Paris and Stockholm and New York City.

Almost two million tennis fans have come to see the finals since they have been in London. Crowds grow larger every year for the eight-day competition which will be in London at least through 2018.

ATP World Tour Finals

Rules of Play

The eight top – in Emirates ATP rankings -- singles players and doubles teams are invited to the ATP World Tour Finals.

The road to the Finals includes 61 ATP World Tour tournaments and four Grand Slams.

There is about $7.5 million in prize money up for grabs at the Finals. The singles champion gets about $2.4 million.

The doubles championship team wins about half a million.

The play differs from other events in that it is not a one-loss-and-you’re-out tournament. Instead, the eight players and eight teams are each divided into two groups of four. They then play three round-robin matches against the others in their group. The winners advance to the finals.

Kings of The Court

  • Doubles: The winningest doubles team is made up of Peter Fleming and John McEnroe of the United States. They won seven times.
  • Times qualified: Both Roger Federer and American Andre Agassi, who won 12 times, have each qualified for the Finals 14 times.
  • Best winning percentage: Romanian Ilie Nastase has the highest winning percentage of 88 with his 22 wins and 3 losses. Roger Federer is second with 52 wins and 12 losses for 81.3 percent.

Things To See In London

  • Big Ben: You can’t go up and see the 13-ton bell in the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament but you can listen to its chimes as it marks the hours on the four-faced clock atop Elizabeth Tower. To give you an idea of the clock’s size, the numbers on its face are each two feet tall. There are two theories about how Big Ben got its name. The more common one is that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, a large man who was London’s first commissioner of works and affectionately called Big Ben. The other is that it was named after heavyweight boxing champ Benjamin Caunt, who was also known as Big Ben.
  • Westminster Abbey: Westminster Abbey, the coronation church of England, and the Palace of Winchester (the Houses of Parliament) are believe to be about 1,000 years old. They are the epicenter of England’s political life. An interesting piece of trivia is that the buildings one sat on a small island, called Thorney Island. Over the centuries, the surrounding water disappeared and the island was once again part of the mainland.
  • Tower of London: The unabbreviated name of this historic castle is Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. It is on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.
  • Buckingham Palace: Home and headquarters of the royal family, Buckingham Palace, which dates back to 1761, has 775 rooms, including 52 bedrooms for the family and guests, 188 bedrooms for the staff, 19 staterooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. It is surrounded by two parks in the heart of London. Tours for visitors include the staterooms and the gardens.

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