Berlin Air Show

Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, Berlin, Germany

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In 1909, when the first Berlin Air Show – the International Airship Exhibition -- was held there were no airplanes to see. Instead, visitors marveled at dirigibles, including an airship equipped to cross the English Channel, which was first done in 1910.

Visitors to its descendant, the modern-day ILA Berlin Air Show (Internationale Luft und Raumfahrtausstellung), see everything from commercial jets to military aircraft to private planes, jets and helicopters. And, who knows, you might just see how big those blimps actually are.

Berlin Air Show private jet charter

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If you’d like to be among the more than 120,000 visitors to the world’s oldest air show, which is held every other year in even-numbered years, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any airport near the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, including:

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About The Show

The ILA Berlin Air Show is set up much like the Paris Air Show in France and the Farnborough International Airshow in Britain. The five-day even starts with three professional days that are closed to the general public. That’s when vendors and buyers get together to iron out deals at the trade exhibition for the aerospace and defense industries.

The last two days are open to the public. Everyone is allowed to enter and check out the latest in everything that flies and everything that goes into making things fly.

Visitors will see planes and equipment related to commercial, aerospace, general and military aviation; military technology, equipment and engines and helicopters.

The 2018 ILA Berlin Air Show will be held April 25–29. More than 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries will be there showing off and offering for sale the newest in innovative products and services.

Berlin Air Show

Popularity Reflects Industry

The ILA Berlin Air Show has been growing in attendance since it began and is expected to continue with growing air traffic. It is projected that there will be 7 billion non-military flights in 2035, doubling the number there were in 2015.

With increased air traffic comes an increased need for innovative technologies, including planes that run quieter and require better fuel efficiency. Sustainable mobility and renewable energy are important topics of the air show. There is also a growing need for fleet and traffic management as more and more aircraft take to the skies.

Explore the City

While in Berlin, there are plenty of things to do and see when not at the air show. You can:

While you are in Berlin, there is much to see and do. You can:

  • Eat like a local. It’s not unusual to look around and see lots of commuters, students and even tourists stuffing currywurst in their mouths. The famous street fare is made of pork sausage that has been sliced and covered with a mixture of ketchup and curry powder. Served with bread of fries, it’s a must-try favorite.
  • Have a German beer. Of course! Among the most popular places to quench your thirst is the Prater Garten, the oldest biergarten in Berlin, and the Cafe am Neuen See, which overlooks a lake in Tiergarten Park.
  • Learn about the Berlin Wall. The city has changed immensely since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. See what life was like when the city was split into East and West at the DDR Museum.
    While most of the Wall has been demolished, a stretch along the southern border of Wedding and Mitte has been restored. You can also visit Checkpoint Charlie, which is now a tourist center with displays telling the Wall’s history.
    And, the official Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse has a wealth of information about the Berlin Wall.
  • Explore Grunewald forest. You can walk, bicycle or ride horseback through Berlin’s largest forest. There are several freshwater lakes in which to swim if it’s warm enough. You can also find Teufelsberg, the hill made by the Allies using rubble from the city after World War II.
  • Explore the city’s Jewish history. Visit the Jüdisches Museum, the Neue Synagogue and the Holocaust Memorial, the Denkmal für die Ermordeten Juden Europas. This memorial is made of 2,711 concrete blocks – representing the known Holocaust victims. They are arranged on an entire city block.
  • Visit Museum Island. Five museums are located on the eastern end of Unter den Linden. They include the Neues, which houses the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti and the Pergamonmuseum, one of the world’s greatest archaeological museums.
  • Dance. All night, if you want. The city is known for its 24/7 night spots. Some of the more popular ones are the cosmopolitan Berghain/Panorama Bar, a former factory on the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, where European techno is played; and Salon Zur Wilden Renate, where you will feel as if you are at a big house-party where there are several dance floors.

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