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Los Angeles to Beijing Private Jet Charter

Los Angeles & Beijing Private Jet Charter

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Private Jet Los Angeles to Beijing and Beijing to Los Angeles

Paramount Business Jets provides world-class private charter flights between Los Angeles and Beijing.

There’s a saying in business, and in many other areas of life, that goes along the lines of ‘decisions are made by people in the room’. If your business has global ambitions, being ‘in the room’ can sometimes be a struggle and although you can rely on the latest advances in communications technology, there really is nothing like shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye.

However, international business travel can be expensive and more often than not you are at the mercy of airline schedules. Now, thanks to Paramount Business Jets, you can charter a private jet from Los Angeles to Beijing at a highly-competitive rate.

Cross the Pacific in luxury and comfort, arriving in the Chinese capital relaxed and refreshed and ready to get down to business.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet Between Los Angeles and Beijing?

Cost of private jet hire between Los Angeles and Beijing depends on a number of factors, namely the number of passengers traveling, the length of the stopover and the choice of aircraft. For example, you can charter an Ultra Long Range jet like the Falcon 7X for 14 people with prices starting at 150,000 USD. Another Ultra-Long-Range jet like the Gulfstream G550 is also available for charter between Los Angeles and Beijing with the cost of a trip for 14 passengers starting at 180,000 USD.

If you want to travel in a VIP Airliner such as the Boeing Business Jet, this jet can be hired for 28 passengers at a price of 295,000 USD.

The flight time between Los Angeles and Beijing is between twelve and fourteen hours. Below are details for each aircraft category and their respective flight times and price ranges.

Category Aircraft Pax Flight Time One Way Price Estimate Round Trip Price Estimate
Ultra Long Range Falcon 7X 16 12:36 150,000 USD 250,000 USD
Ultra Long Range Global 5000 13 12:51 175,000 USD 295,000 USD
Ultra Long Range Gulfstream G550 16 12:32 180,000 USD 300,000 USD
Ultra Long Range Gulfstream G650ER 13 12:32 180,000 USD 300,000 USD
VIP Airliner BBJ 28 13:16 295,000 USD 595,000 USD

Round Trip Price based on 1 overnight.

Commonly Used Private Jet Categories for Charter Flights Between Los Angeles and Beijing

The flight time between Los Angeles and Beijing is between twelve and fourteen hours. Below are details for each aircraft category and their respective flight times and price ranges.

Gulfstream G650ER Exterior
Gulfstream G650ER Interior

Ultra Long Range Jets

Gulfstream G650, Falcon 7X, Global Express XRS, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $170,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $221,000
12 - 16
Range (nm)
2,500 - 6,700
Speed (KTAS)
368 - 516
Cabin Height (ft)
6.0 - 6.4
One Way Flight Time
12:06 - 13:57
Round Trip Flight Time
24:12 - 26:18
BBJ Exterior
BBJ Interior

VIP Airliner

Airbus ACJ320, BBJ, Lineage 1000, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
Starting at $275,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
Starting at $446,000
16 - 50
Range (nm)
3,800 - 6,100
Speed (KTAS)
469 - 485
Cabin Height (ft)
6.5 - 7.3
One Way Flight Time
12:24 - 14:12
Round Trip Flight Time
23:41 - 26:46

*Based on 3 nights stay
*One way prices based on availability

Traveling with Pets Between Los Angeles & Beijing?

We are more than glad to make your furry friends feel right at home by arranging pet friendly jet charters between Los Angeles & Beijing. Just let us know in advance please.

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Los Angeles Private Jet Airports

  1. Los Angeles International Airport, KLAX, LAX, Los Angeles, CA, United States (1 miles)
  2. Northrop Field Municipal Airport, KHHR, HHR, Hawthorne, CA, United States (4 miles)
  3. Santa Monica Municipal Airport, KSMO, SMO, Santa Monica, CA, United States (6 miles)
  4. Compton/Woodley Airport, KCPM, CPM, Compton, CA, United States (9 miles)
  5. Zamperini Field Airport, KTOA, TOA, Torrance, CA, United States (10 miles)

Beijing Private Jet Airports

  1. Beijing Nanyuan Airport, ZBBB, NAY, Beijing, China (9 miles)
  2. Capital International, ZBAA, PEK, Beijing, China (15 miles)
  3. Binhai, ZBTJ, TSN, Tianjin, China (74 miles)

Los Angeles Charter Flight Weather

Current Conditions

Clear (measured at 01:20 AM UTC)
20°C, 68°F
0.0 mm
1018 mb
Cloud Cover:
16 km
Wind Speed:
9 mph, 15km/h
Wind Direction:
260° W

5-Day Forecast

 Oct 27Oct 28Oct 29Oct 30Oct 31
Blank Image Placeholder SunnySunnySunnySunnyCloudy
Precipitation0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp27 °C, 81 °F29 °C, 84 °F27 °C, 80 °F21 °C, 70 °F19 °C, 66 °F
Min Temp17 °C, 62 °F19 °C, 67 °F19 °C, 66 °F17 °C, 63 °F16 °C, 61 °F
Wind Direction270 ° W249 ° WSW145 ° SE149 ° SSE160 ° SSE
Wind Speed13 km/h, 8 m13 km/h, 8 m12 km/h, 7 m12 km/h, 8 m11 km/h, 7 m

Beijing Charter Flight Weather

Current Conditions

Sunny (measured at 02:59 AM UTC)
15°C, 59°F
0.0 mm
1025 mb
Cloud Cover:
10 km
Wind Speed:
7 mph, 11km/h
Wind Direction:
30° NNE

5-Day Forecast

 Oct 28Oct 29Oct 30Oct 31Nov 01
Blank Image Placeholder OvercastSunnySunnyPartly cloudySunny
Precipitation0.0 mm0.0 mm0.1 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp20 °C, 68 °F19 °C, 66 °F21 °C, 69 °F18 °C, 64 °F18 °C, 65 °F
Min Temp13 °C, 55 °F11 °C, 52 °F12 °C, 53 °F13 °C, 55 °F10 °C, 51 °F
Wind Direction66 ° ENE113 ° ESE159 ° SSE313 ° NW130 ° SE
Wind Speed6 km/h, 4 m7 km/h, 4 m12 km/h, 7 m14 km/h, 9 m8 km/h, 5 m

Jet Charter Events Near Los Angeles

  1. MTV Video Music Awards
  2. NFL Super Bowl
  3. Golden Globe Awards
  4. Grammy Awards
  5. Emmy Awards
  6. American Music Awards
  7. Academy Awards (Oscars)
  8. MLB All Star Game
  9. Rose Bowl

Jet Charter Events Near Beijing

  1. Winter Olympics

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