Paramount Business Jets offer a huge range of aircraft to suit every need. This means that wherever you’re going and whoever you’re taking with you, we’ll have a suitable airplane. So what are the top 10 hidden gem private jets?

Here are ten aircraft you may have overlooked—previously hidden gems from each class that could be perfect for your next private jet charter!

Very Light Jet

Cessna Citation Mustang 

A Cessna Citation Mustang private jet standing on the runway

Despite its small size, the 4-seater Mustang has one of the largest baggage capacities and fastest cruising speeds (up to 630 km/h) in its class. It also has full Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) type certification to fly into known icing conditions, making it equally suitable for medical flights or skiing holidays.

  • Economical;
  • Easy to pilot;
  • Short take-off and fast climb capabilities;
  • Fully reclinable leather seats with AC power supply, storage space consoles and retractable worktables.

Light Jet

Cessna Citation Bravo 

A Cessna Citation Bravo private jet riding on the runway

The Citation Bravo has the largest baggage capacity in its class, with over 73 cubic feet of baggage capacity, a storage compartment by the lavatory, and drawers beneath the seats. With a passenger capacity of seven to eight passengers (with a belted lavatory seat) and an impressive range of 1,700 nautical miles, it’s ideal for business trips or family holidays.

  • Cruise speed 345 KTAS (639 km/h);
  • Short runway capabilities;
  • Low operating costs; 
  • Reduced noise levels thanks to an isolated interior cabin shell and secondary cabin door seal.

Super Light Jet

Learjet 75

A Learjet 75 private jet descending

The highly fuel-efficient Learjet 75 can transport eight passengers in comfort, with the option for a ninth passenger in a belted lavatory seat. Sixteen windows provide ample light, and the in-flight entertainment system ensures passengers won’t be bored.

The Learjet 75 is also highly fuel efficient, and carbon brakes give it useful short runway capabilities.

  • Cruise speed 465 KTAS (861 km/h);
  • Full galley;
  • 65 cubic feet of baggage storage (15 cubic feet accessible in flight, 50 cubic feet of heated external storage); 
  • Range of 2,040 nautical miles.

Midsize Jets 

Citation Excel 

 a Citation Excel private jet preparing for landing

The Citation Excel is usually configured to seat eight passengers in a spacious arrangement but can carry up to nine with a belted lavatory seat. It has the agility of a light jet, with the versatility to use short runways, but the cabin size and amenities of a midsize jet. They include 2 closets, retractable worktables and a generous baggage compartment, with over 80 cubic feet of storage.

  • Full refreshment center;
  • Communications and entertainment system with video monitors;
  • Adjustable headrests;
  • Two AC systems;
  • Cruise speed: 433 KTAS (802 km/h).

Learjet 60XR 

A Learjet 60XR private jet flying through the air above the sea

With a faster climbing speed than any other midsize jet, a stylish cabin, and 59 cubic feet of baggage space, the Learjet 60XR is a great choice for transcontinental travel. It can accommodate up to nine passengers, but provides maximum comfort when configured for seven passengers.

The Learjet 60XR offers a luxurious experience for business or pleasure, with a standing height cabin, large galley and retractable work tables.

  • Maximum range of 2,405 nautical miles;
  • Cruise speed: 453 KTAS (863 km/h);
  • Certified flight ceiling of 51,000 feet, allowing avoidance of most air traffic and weather conditions;
  • Full size lavatory.

Super Midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign

A Citation Sovereign private jet making its descent

The Sovereign is one of the fastest aircraft in its class, with a cruise speed of 446 KTAS (826 km/h). It also has a range of 3,000 miles, meaning it’s ideal when you need a speedy transcontinental flight. The Sovereign’s short runway requirements mean it can land at smaller airports.

However, performance and versatility aren’t all it has to offer. There’s also a luxurious cabin with a spacious private bathroom and galley.

  • 180° swivel seats;
  • 135 cubic feet of baggage space plus a storage closet in the cabin;
  • Ample light;
  • Comfortable configurations to accommodate eight to nine passengers. 

Falcon 2000

A Falcon 2000 private jet riding on the runway

The Falcon 2000 is known for its wide, spacious cabin. This provides plenty of stretch room and seating for up to 10 people, with the option for people to sit three abreast. It’s typically configured into two lounge areas, with seating for eight to ten passengers.  

The Falcon 2000 is also known for the panoramic views provided by its large circular windows and its large accessible baggage area.

  • Full-service galley;
  • Cruise speed:  487 KTAS (902 km/h);
  • 134 cubic feet of baggage capacity accessible in-flight;
  • Range of 3,450 nautical miles, making it ideal for transcontinental flights.

Large Jets

Canadair Challenger 604

 A black Challenger 604 private jet descending to an airport

If you want peace and quiet to make working and meetings easier, the Challenger 604 is a great choice. Its clever supercritical wing design helps to reduce noise and vibration in the cabin. 

The Challenger 604 has a standing height cabin, which can be configured in a forward club/half club/divan arrangement.  It can seat up to 10 people.

  • Private lavatory;
  • Deluxe galley;
  • Cruise speed: 436 KTAS (807 km/h);
  • Impressive range of over 4,000 nautical miles;
  • 15 cubic feet of internal baggage space.

Ultra-long-range Jet

Gulfstream GV

 A Gulfstream GV private jet flying through the air

With a cabin height of 6'1" and length of over 50 ft, the Gulfstream GV allows all but the tallest of passengers to walk around comfortably. The lengthy cabin also allows a choice of configurations. It’s usually configured as three areas, with options to sit between 12 and 14 people. 

Baggage capacity is generous too, with the external baggage compartment offering 226 cubic feet of storage space. With plenty of power outlets and fold-out worktables, the GV is ideal for business or pleasure trips.

  • Cruise speed: 508 KTAS (941 km/h);
  • Separate lavatories for passengers and crew;
  • Full-sized galley for hot and cold dishes;
  • Multimedia entertainment systems.

Turboprop Plane

King Air 350

A King Air 350 turboprop airplane waiting to be boarded

The cabin of this smaller plane is made light and spacious by its fourteen large, circular windows. The King Air 350 also offers 55.3 cubic feet of standing-height, in-flight accessible baggage areas for the convenience of its passengers. 

This aircraft has double club seating and is typically configured to seat eight. However, it can accommodate a maximum of 9 people.

  • Private lavatory with a flushable toilet;
  • Stowable worktables;
  • Cruise speed: 313 KTAS (580 km/h);
  • Polarized window shades.

Charter the Perfect Jet for Your Journey

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