Part 295 - Air Charter Broker Rules and Regulations

Part 295: Private Jet Charter Broker Rules and Regulations

Part 295 focuses on transparency. Brokers need to clarify that they don't own or operate the aircraft themselves and are simply acting as an intermediary.

Private Jet Charter Taxes in the USA

What taxes do you pay when you charter private jet flights in the United States?

Learn how to calculate the taxes on private charter flights in the USA. FET, Domestic Segment Fees, International Head Tax, and Hawaii/Alaska Head Tax.

Aircraft Emissions

The Aviation Industry Goes Green

In a landmark deal CO2 levels will be tackled harder than ever following years of debate among the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Aviation Safety

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Reveal Top Safety Issues in 2016

The NBAA recently announced the key safety focus areas for aviation in 2016. In this article, we talk you through the main safety issues.

Air Traffic Control

Will US Air Traffic Control Privatization Work?

If Air Traffic Control Privatization can lower costs & increase safety, why is there so much resistance to the proposals being put forward by Bill Shuster?

Worldwide Aviation Authorities

What is the Difference Between FAA, CAA, ICAO, EASA and JAA?

We talk you through a few of the more popular aviation regulatory organizations and what their roles are within the industry - FAA, CAA, ICAO, EASA and JAA.

Remote Airport Control Tower

Incorporating Remote Tower Technology: An Interview with Shye Gilad and Scott Coffman

Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) is planning on being the first to test remote tower technology in a non controlled airport in America.

Aviation Emissions

The Truth about Business Aviation Emissions

It may come as a surprise, to learn that business aviation actually accounts for a minuscule percentage of pollution on a global scale.


ACANA Member Paramount Business Jets Attends Air Charter NPRM Discussion at NBAA Vegas

ACANA Member Paramount Business Jets attended the NPRM discussion at the NBAA in Las Vegas on Oct 22, 2013, on new proposed regulations by the DOT.