Luxury private jet interior

How Can I Get the Best Price on Private Jet Travel?

Your broker is key to getting the best price for your private charter flight. Use a broker with excellent industry contacts and impartiality.

Business Aviation Tax Cuts

Business Aviation Set for Big Gains From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, H.R.1

We are entering the most beneficial period for buyers and sellers according to the changes dictated by the H.R.1 development. The opportunity to achieve up to 100% expensing in the first year will certainly impact the market as a whole over the coming few years.

Top 10 US Private Jet Routes in 2016

Top 10 US Private Jet Routes with Pricing

An infographic of the Top 10 US Private Jet Routes using data from ARG/US including commonly used jets for each flight, distance, time, and pricing.

Private Jet Aircraft

Will every “mission” or private jet flight require the biggest and the newest aircraft?

Often utilitarian aircraft provide you the best value for your private jet flight. Not every flight will require the biggest, best, and newest aircraft.

Fractional Ownership

Why Should You Get a Fractional Ownership?

One popular option for private jet fliers both in the US and internationally is Fractional Ownership. Why should you consider it?