Top 10 Private Jet Routes from Burke Lakefront Airport

See the top ten most common routes from Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL). Plus, we’ve included the time and distance of the flights. And the attached fee.

Top 10 Routes - Dallas Love Field Airport

Top 10 Private Jet Routes from Dallas Love Field Airport

Check out the top 10 most frequented private jet routes from Dallas Love Field Airport (KDAL), complete with prices, times, and distances.

Top 10 Private Jet Routes from McCarran International Airport

Top 10 Routes From McCarran International Airport

The primary commercial airport in the Las Vegas Valley is McCarran International Airport. Take a look at the graphic below to discover the top 10 destinations from McCarran International Airport.

Buying vs. Leasing

Buying vs. Leasing Aircraft

If you’ve decided you want to own or run your own aircraft, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is whether you should buy an aircraft, or simply lease one. Contrary to what you may think, the answer is not as straightforward as just working out whether or not you can afford to buy an aircraft.

Business Jet Market

Last Chance for Preowned Bizjet Buyers as Seller’s Market Looms Large

As the market has finally broken below the 10% threshold of inventory for sale, a period of transition is now in play, wherein the pendulum swings in favour for the buyer to the seller. Today the market of available aircraft continues to shrink, and still many models exhibit the soft pricing.

Business Aviation Tax Cuts

Business Aviation Set for Big Gains From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, H.R.1

We are entering the most beneficial period for buyers and sellers according to the changes dictated by the H.R.1 development. The opportunity to achieve up to 100% expensing in the first year will certainly impact the market as a whole over the coming few years.

Top 10 US Private Jet Routes in 2016

Top 10 US Private Jet Routes with Pricing

An infographic of the Top 10 US Private Jet Routes using data from ARG/US including commonly used jets for each flight, distance, time, and pricing.

Gulfstream G-IV

The Aircraft Market Today

With all this turmoil in the market comes opportunity and some are looking at these heavy jets as acquisition targets for a variety of reasons.

2015 Aviation Predictions

Aviation Predictions for 2015: US Market Grows, Private Jet Prices Down

Whilst impossible to account for every possible outcome of the market, our team have made some predictions for the aviation in 2015.

Jet Charter Brokers

Should I use multiple jet charter brokers to get the best price?

Using multiple brokers works against the client’s motive, since operators have no reason to lower prices, due to the high interest in the exact same flight.

Private Jet Time

When I rent a private jet do I pay for total time or a block of time per day?

Operators charge for "Total Time" vs "Block Time" whichever is greater. It is important to note that "Total Time" consists of a variety of factors.

Private Jet Aircraft

Will every “mission” or private jet flight require the biggest and the newest aircraft?

Often utilitarian aircraft provide you the best value for your private jet flight. Not every flight will require the biggest, best, and newest aircraft.