HondaJet Elite Exterior

HondaJet Elite: HA-420 Gets a Luxury Makeover

Recently, Honda delivered the first HondaJet Elite. Based on the HA-420, this modified update has been fine-tuned and the results are impressive.

The Aerion AS2

Boeing Shakes Things Up with Aerion Partnership

There are few companies in aviation with as much influence as Boeing. So, when they recently announced a new partnership with Aerion, it turned a few heads.

Gulfstream G280 Sets Benchmark for Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel

Thanks to the G280, the aviation industry’s intentions to tackle pollution in major ways looks likely to come to fruition.

Boeing 777x Interior Concept

A Castle in the Sky – Introducing the Boeing 777x

The Boeing 777x. The latest creation from one of aviation’s most iconic and successful brands is looking to redefine aircraft luxury. And it looks like they might just pull it off.

Praetor 500

Embraer Reveals Praetor 500 and 600 Plans at NBAA Conference

The Praetors are aircraft certainly in keeping with their name, leading the way in redefining the characteristics of what a midsize and super-midsize aircraft deliver to the market.

National Aviation Hall of Fame - Enshrinement - 2018

Class of 2018 Joins National Aviation Hall of Fame

The words ‘Hall of Fame’ are not thrown around lightly. But that hasn’t stopped four new members being inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Aircraft Contrail

Is Sustainable Fuel a Reality?

Pollution and sustainability are huge issues in the aviation industry, and they always have been. However, there’s another voice chanting for change.

Falcon 6X Exterior

Dassault Aviation Announces New Falcon 6X

The Falcon 6X will offer a mix of range, comfort and capability no other large-cabin business jet can match while guaranteeing fully mature systems and a proven power plant.

Private Jet Red Carpet

TRAQPak Report Shows Big Boost for January Flights

Flights in the US January have shown a vast increase year-on-year, with figures reflecting a 4% upwards trend. Experts had already predicted January would be a good month, anticipating a rise of 3.3%, but the real figures were even more impressive.

Viking 400 Exterior

Viking 400 – the RV of the Skies

As with the original, flexibility was firmly at the forefront of the design - the slogan ‘Versatility that works’ was even emblazoned onto the aircraft.

Air Traffic Control Tower

President Trump Meets with Aviation Industry as 25,000 More Jobs Promised

President Trump this month met directly with high ranking airline and airport executives in the Aviation Industry. Find out what's in store for Aviation.

Aircraft Emissions

The Aviation Industry Goes Green

In a landmark deal CO2 levels will be tackled harder than ever following years of debate among the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).