The Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280 Sets Benchmark for Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel

Thanks to the G280, the aviation industry’s intentions to tackle pollution in major ways looks likely to come to fruition.

Boeing 777x Interior Concept

A Castle in the Sky – Introducing the Boeing 777x

The Boeing 777x - the latest creation from one of aviation's most iconic and successful brands - is looking to redefine aircraft luxury.

Aircraft Contrail

Is Sustainable Fuel a Reality?

Pollution and sustainability are huge issues in the aviation industry, and they always have been. However, there’s another voice chanting for change.

Artist's Rendering of a Lilium Jet Flying

Successful Development of Lilium’s Flying Car

Lilium was created with one purpose in mind – to build the first ever fully electric VTOL jet. They've just completed their first test flight.

CityAirbus - Airbus Flying Taxi Concept

Airbus Expects Flying Taxis by 2021

Airbus announced the unthinkable saying they want to introduce flying taxis. Find out more about the plan that is expected to be launched by 2021.

Progress Eagle

Progress Eagle: The Super-Eco Jet of the Future

Progress Eagle has been designed to use technologies which are yet to come - probably at the end of the century. Find out more about this super-eco jet.

Remote Airport Control Tower

Incorporating Remote Tower Technology: An Interview with Shye Gilad and Scott Coffman

Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) is planning on being the first to test remote tower technology in a non controlled airport in America.