A private jet flying through the sky

How COVID Has Changed Private Jet Chartering Since 2019

How COVID Has Changed Private Jet Chartering Since 2019, but how did COVID change private jet chartering from 2019 till now?

Private Jet on Runway

Can Private Jet Charter Services Be Eco-Friendly?

Chartering a private jet can create a bigger carbon footprint – but there is a way to use private jets and remain more eco-friendly! Find out more.

Richard Zaher in front of a Jet

How the Private Jet Carbon Offset System Came About

Learn how Paramount's open source carbon offset system for the private aviation industry was created, and the motivation behind it.

The Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280 Sets Benchmark for Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel

Thanks to the G280, the aviation industry’s intentions to tackle pollution in major ways looks likely to come to fruition.

Aircraft Contrail

Is Sustainable Fuel a Reality?

Pollution and sustainability are huge issues in the aviation industry, and they always have been. However, there’s another voice chanting for change.

Artist's Rendering of a Lilium Jet Flying

Successful Development of Lilium’s Flying Car

Lilium was created with one purpose in mind – to build the first ever fully electric VTOL jet. They've just completed their first test flight.

Aircraft Emissions

Aviation Goes Green: CORSIA

In a landmark deal CO2 levels will be tackled harder than ever following years of debate among the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Aviation Emissions

The Truth about Business Aviation Emissions

It may come as a surprise, to learn that business aviation actually accounts for a minuscule percentage of pollution on a global scale.

Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2: The First Solar-Powered Aircraft that Flew around the World

The Solar Impulse 2 can fly solely on solar power, soaring through the air using nothing but the energy from the sun. Find out more about this innovative aircraft.