Private Jet Charter Taxes in the USA

What taxes do you pay when you charter private jet flights in the United States?

Learn how to calculate the taxes on private charter flights in the USA. FET, Domestic Segment Fees, International Head Tax, and Hawaii/Alaska Head Tax.

BBJ Interior

Find Your Perfect Jet: Comparing the ACJ318 Elite, Lineage 1000 and Boeing Business Jet

Find out how to choose between the ACJ318, Lineage 1000, and the BBJ when you’re looking to charter one of these top of the range aircraft.


What is Brexit and How Will it Affect Private Aviation?

Brexit has already had a huge and immediate impact on the aviation industry. Many experts are anticipating pricier fares for airlines.

AW609 Helicopter Mode

Cutting-Edge Tiltrotor Technology Moves to Mainstream Market

The AW609 Tiltrotor will fuse the finest aspects of a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter into one vehicle, allowing for much greater flexibility.

Air Traffic Control

Will US Air Traffic Control Privatization Work?

If Air Traffic Control Privatization can lower costs & increase safety, why is there so much resistance to the proposals being put forward by Bill Shuster?

Airport Cyber Security

FAA Tackle Aircraft Cyber Security

Cyber security is of more importance than ever. Naturally, aviation security features very high on the list of priorities for those involved with aircraft.

Worldwide Aviation Authorities

What is the Difference Between FAA, CAA, ICAO, EASA and JAA?

We talk you through a few of the more popular aviation regulatory organizations and what their roles are within the industry - FAA, CAA, ICAO, EASA and JAA.

TriFan 600 Interior

TriFan 600’s Vertical-Takeoff Looks to Revolutionize Aviation

The Trifan 600 is a model which combines the comfort, range, and speed of a typical business jet with the convenience that comes with flying a helicopter.

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson on Business and Flying Privately

Richard Branson on Business: “There is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration.” Learn more.

Thomas Zweifel

PBJ Advisor in Spotlight: Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel – Coaching Leaders to Meet the Future

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel is a strategy and performance expert, catalyst and coach for leaders of Global 1000 companies, helping them meet business imperatives.

The Future of Business Jet Cabin Luxury

The Future of Business Jet Cabin Luxury

We take a look at the current ideas being developed and implemented into business jet cabins and how they might shape the flights of the future.

Private Jet Windows

The History of Private Jet Windows

More than just transparent little features dotted along the side of aircraft, private jet and aircraft windows have a very significant role and rich history.