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Luqa Airport Private Jet Charter

Luqa Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Luqa Airport.

Malta International Airport, which has more than six million passengers every year, was, in 2018, voted by its passengers a “Best Airport in Europe.”

Malta International Airport Aerial View

Malta International Airport Aerial View. Picture Source.

And, as more and more people charter private jets into Malta International, it is becoming a major hub for corporate aviation.

After being in the top three Best Airports in Europe in 2016 and 2017, it finally climbed to No. 1 spot – which is shared with seven other airports -- in 2018. The Airport Quality Awards, presented by the International Airport Council, are given based on the result of surveys given to more than 650,000 passengers at 346 airports. The awards are based on 34 performance factors, including airport access, check-in, security screening, stores and restaurants.

The Republic of Malta, an archipelago of three islands, is known as “the smallest country with the longest history” because it has been under the rule of so many other countries. Its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Sicily and northern Africa has always been valued by traders and military powers. That has led to one takeover after another for the tiny island nation. It has been under the rule of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginian, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs and England, which ruled it for 160 years until being given its independence in 1964. It is, by the way, about a three-hour flight from London.

The two-runway airport, which has very few slots for commercial airlines, plenty of aircraft parking space, and operates 24/7, it is an ideal location for private jets to take off and land.

What is the airport code for Malta International Airport?

The ICAO code for Malta International Airport is LMML and its IATA code is MLA.

Airport Information for Luqa Airport (LMML, MLA)

LOCATIONMalta Valletta, Malta
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
32/14 11627 197 ASP 300
24/06 7799 148 ASP 300

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FBOs at Malta International

There are two FBOs at Malta International Airport, DC Aviation LTD and Medavia Company LTD.

DC Aviation

DC Aviation, founded in 2008, is based in Malta. Its fixed base operator services include handling and charters to the United States, countries in the Middle East, including Israel, Egypt and Iraq; Western Europe, including the United Kingdom; and Eastern European countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

DC Aviation, which has been in Malta since 2008, has plans to someday build its own general aviation terminal in Malta. It is a founding member of the Malta Business Aviation Association.

DC Aviation’s services and amenities include:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Aircraft charter
  • Aircraft handling
  • Aircraft management
  • Airport transfers for business aviation passengers and crew
  • Crew facilities
  • Executive ramp transportation
  • Hotel booking
  • Limousine service waiting on the ramp

Medavia Aviation

The Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited, better known as Medavia, has been a success since beginning operations in 1978. Its main office is in Malta but it also has an office in Libya. It operates line maintenance stations with technical support. It has its own fleet of aircraft and got started running charters to and from remote airfields tied to the oil and gas industries. Its services and amenities include:

  • 54,000 square-foot hangar
  • Aircraft cleaning and painting
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics shop
  • Base, line, wheel maintenance
  • Battery shops
  • Direct taxiway to the main runway of Malta International Airport
  • Flight planning
  • Full refurbishments and modifications
  • Ground handling
  • Heavy base maintenance
  • Maintenance planning and administration
  • Sheet metal shop
  • Technical stores
  • Tire/wheel shop

Malta International’s future

Malta International Airport is undergoing a major expansion. The Malta Airport Authority approved in February 2018 a master plan for expansion to meet the growing passenger demand and to boost tourism in the Maltese Islands.

The Malta International Airport, which opened in 1992, is located three miles from the capital, Valletta, between the villages of Luqa and Gudja villages.

The more than six million passengers that moved through the airport in 2017 is a 17.5 percent increase from the year before. There were almost 43,000 aircraft movements and some 16,170 tons of cargo shipped in 2017.

The expansion is to take place in three stages over five years – to be completed in 2023 -- at a cost of $123 million.

Commercial spaces will be added; the terminal will be reconfigured and enlarged; and a business center and car parks will be built.

The terminal project, which began in September 2016, includes the relocation of the security screening area, an upgrade of the baggage-handling system, the construction of an observation deck and the addition of VIP lounges.

A luxurious lounge, the La Valette Club, for VIP travelers who fly into Malta on private jets, was built inside the terminal. It’s a place where elite travelers can relax and get assistance with VIP services.

The expansion of the airport includes the construction of SkyParks II, a business center with office space, retail space and a hotel. It will be built next to the existing SkyParks business center that was built in 2012.

Malta International’s past

Civil aviation in Malta began in the 1920s when it was still under British rule.

In 1958, long after its first airfields were almost completely destroyed during World War II, the British Government financed a new passenger air terminal at Luqa. It had a restaurant, post office, cable and wireless office, and balcony overlooking the airfield in a two-story building, very unlike today’s busy Malta International Airport.

In October 1977, with more and more people coming to Malta, a new and longer runway was built and the terminal remodeled. Passenger and VIP lounges were added.

Ten years later, talks started for a brand new terminal. In March 1992 with the new terminal completed, the 35-year-old Luqa airport terminal was closed down.

In July 2002, the government of Malta privatized the airport, selling 40 percent of its equity to the Malta Mediterranean Link Consortium Ltd and another 40 percent to the general public. The airport said its connection to the world continues to improve because it is committed to both innovation and tradition.

Fast facts about Malta

It has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

The Maltese archipelago is in the Mediterranean Sea, 60 miles south of Sicily and 180 miles north of Africa.

The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino with a combined area of 122 square miles and a combined population of 400,000.

The Maltese archipelago is made of coralline limestone.

It is famous for its isolation and tranquility, its beautiful coast and stunning landscapes.

It is a favorite destination of divers with its hundreds of reefs, caves, colorful and abundant sea life – and ancient shipwrecks.

Malta is known for its abundance of wrecked ships and submarines that are lying at the bottom of the sea, just off its coast. When Gozo’s famous Azure Window sea arch collapsed in a severe storm in 2017, locals were saddened. But the submerged arch ended up providing an intriguing place for divers.

Comino, the smallest of Malta’s three islands, is only 1.3 square miles.

Malta’s 5,000-year-old Hagar Qim is a World Heritage Site megalithic limestone temple that pre-dates the pyramids and Stonehenge.

UNESCO called Valletta, the capital city of Malta, “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.”

Valletta, which was designed by Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1565, is believed to be the first ever planned city in Europe.

Summer is peak time for festas, Malta’s village festivals. Every village has its own patron saint – the country is more than 90 percent Catholic – and the weeklong festivals celebrate them with food and fireworks.

Many movie and television scenes were shot with a backdrop of Malta’s stunning landscapes and ancient buildings. “Gladiator” and “Troy” were shot there as were some scenes in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” passing off Malta seascapes as Caribbean beaches.

More recently, the hugely popular “Game of Thrones” featured several scenes in Valletta. (A little secret for “Game of Throne” fans: the collapsed Azure Window was the backdrop for the wedding of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo.)

One vestige of British rule that remains on Malta is that cars drive on the left side of the road.

FBOs and Handlers at Luqa Airport, LMML, MLA

Sierra Aviation Co. Ltd.  SUITE 5, LEVEL 5  (356) 213-5973   
Worldwide Airlines Rep. Ltd.    (356) 216-3385   
European 2000 Airlines  NO 1 CHARTER HOUSE  (356) 218-4191   
Medavia Co. Ltd.  MEDAVIA HANGAR  (356) 224-0120   
Airmalta Plc    (356) 236-6209   
Globe Aviation Malta   +356 23 696421   

METAR Weather Data at Luqa Airport, LMML, MLA

OBSERVEDMon May 23, 10:45 UTC
NOWMon May 23, 10:59 UTC
AGE14 min ago
WINDSW at 12 mph
VISIBILITYgreater than 7 miles
CLOUDSclear skies
TEMP79°F (26°C)
DEWPT55°F (13°C)
BAROMETER1013 hPa (29.91 in Hg)
METARLMML 231045Z AUTO 23010KT 210V280 CAVOK 26/13 Q1013 NOSIG

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