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Schiphol Airport Private Jet Charter

Schiphol Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Schiphol Airport.

Whether you are an executive chartering a private jet into Amsterdam to do business in its financial center of Zuidas or an elite traveler flying in to learn about Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, will likely be your port of entry.

With its six runways, one dedicated exclusively to rented private jets and other general aviation takeoffs and landings, Amsterdam Schiphol, located about five miles southwest of the city, is the third busiest airport in Europe – behind London’s Heathrow International and the Charles DeGaulle in Paris.

Schipol Airport

Amsterdam Schipol Airport. Picture Source.

What is the airport code for Schiphol Airport?

The ICAO code for Schiphol Airport is EHAM and its IATA code is AMS.

The Netherlands is a Schengen country.

The Schengen Area is comprised of 26 European states, 22 of which are in the European Union. They joined together to officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. The area mostly functions as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. The area is named after the Schengen Agreement.

Airport Information for Schiphol Airport (EHAM, AMS)

LOCATIONAmsterdam, Netherlands
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
36L/18R 12467 198 ASP -10
24/06 11483 148 ASP -10
27/09 11329 148 ASP -10
36R/18L 11155 148 ASP -10
36C/18C 10826 148 ASP -10
22/04 6608 148 ASP -10

Approach and Landing - Runway 06 Schiphol Amsterdam airport

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There are two FBOs at Schiphol International Airport – and an exclusive and relatively new [general aviation terminal at Schiphol-East, the oldest part of the airport where hangars and the air traffic control tower are located. They handle some 4,500 business jets annually.

KLM was the lone fixed base operator at Schiphol International Airport until 2011 when the new general aviation terminal was opened and Aviapartner Executive began operating at AMS.

The general aviation terminal is right next to the landing strip for private and chartered business jets. Users have called it opulent and luxurious.

Summum Lounge

The Summum Lounge. Picture Source.

It has office space and the Summum Lounge inside a building with a façade of silver panels and glass. Floor tiles are arranged to make the image of a windmill and a large canopy hangs over the platform side of the terminal.

Instead of feeling like a smaller version of a commercial terminal, the place feels like a lounge for VIPs – which it is.

At the Summum Lounge, discretion is of utmost importance. Executives, VIPs, celebrities and other elite flyers can come and go without being seen. Although the building has plenty of windows, those inside the terminal can see out but those outside the terminal only see reflective glass.

The Summum Lounge is meant to be used by one party at a time. It must be reserved. Users must book the Summum Lounge – with its leather floors and onyx walls – in its entirety. The cost? About $3,000 for four hours; $4,700 for eight hours. For that, you will get your own hostess who will bring you any food, drink or other services you need. And, you can pull your private jet right up to the front door as if it were a car. And, if you have a car, that’s easy to park, too. The terminal also contains a cigar bar.

Schiphol has a spooky history

Legend has it that Schiphol Airport is built on a ship graveyard.

In the early 1800s, the land on which Schiphol is located was a shallow lake. When violent storms would roll through, they would often sink ships or make them run aground. The frequency of these storms were the reason the land was reclaimed, filled in.

It’s not hard to believe any portion of Amsterdam was once underwater. The city is below sea level. More than 200 canals wind their way through the city, which has been nicknamed the Venice of Northern Europe.

Historians have found that the word Schiphol first appeared on a document in the 15th century. Broken down in Old Dutch, the word is a combination of the words for wood – “scip” – and hell – “hol.” While it may refer to a place where wood was available, it seems likely that it means boat hell or boat grave.

The airport land was part Haarlemmermeer, a large shallow lake, along which the military base of Fort Schiphol was built in 1846.

The military base needed an airfield so the land was reclaimed and Schiphol Airport was built in 1916.

And then, the story gets interesting. It’s tough to fill in a swamp and even tougher to make it stay filled in. When it was built, Schiphol had no paved runways.

The groundwater was high and the planes were heavy. That isn’t a good combination. The airport got all sorts of unflattering nicknames from pilots, such as Swamp Schiphol or Schiphol Mudport. French pilots called it “Schiphol-les-Bains” – or “Schiphol bathing resort.”

The airport began civilian operations in 1919, the same year that the civil aviation company, KLM, was founded. Schiphol remains the home base of KLM, which is the oldest airline in the world.

In 1926, Schiphol was handed over to the city of Amsterdam from the Dutch Ministry of War and the first airport manager, Jan Dellaert, drew up plans for a new – and less swampy – Schiphol. Time was short. The 1928 Olympic Games were to be played in Amsterdam.

A terminal was built and an air traffic tower erected. However, paved runways wouldn’t come until 1938 – only to be soon destroyed during World War ll.

In 1949, Dellaert, still in charge of the airport, went to work on getting it rebuilt. His plans included a modern air traffic control tower and a tangential four-lane runway system in which runways fan out from a terminal in different directions, allowing for wind-based takeoff and landing patterns.

The airport continues to be improved and expanded over the years as air traffic continues to grow.

With more than 60 million travelers using the airport every year, its existing terminals have become overcrowded. A new terminal, to alleviate the overcrowding, is being built and expected to be completed by 2019.

Amsterdam is the financial hub of the Netherlands

Many executives hire private jets to fly into AMS to do business at the World Trade Center Amsterdam which lies in the center Zuidas, Amsterdam’s financial district. Among the more than 700 companies located in Zuidas are Uber and Google. More than 300 companies from 23 nations have offices in the World Trade Center Amsterdam.

It is also a place to wine and dine and shop – and live. It is believed that by 2040, the World Trade Center Amsterdam will become the largest housing area in Amsterdam. Homes, apartments and luxury condominiums are being built there.

Why go to Amsterdam?

When you think of Amsterdam, what do you think of? Canals? Bicycling? Van Gogh and Rembrandt?

There are many places for the elite traveler to see in the capital city of Netherlands. One of Europe’s financial and cultural centers, Amsterdam has much to do and see, including its more than 75 festivals every year. You can:

Bike around Amsterdam – and Europe: It’s called the bicycle capital of Europe and for good reason. It’s flat. And, many streets are small and tight because of the canals. Cars are prohibited on them so it’s either bike or walk.

And, with trains that will take you to every capital in Europe, including across the channel from Zebrugge in Belgium to Britain, it’s easy to get to five countries to bike around.

See the intriguing underbelly: The Red Light District where prostitutes solicited sailors and other men from their windows has an interesting history dating back hundreds of years. It has since been outlawed but the area is still there. You can tour the area and learn about its past.

Cannabis coffeeshops It’s true. It’s legal to buy marijuana at “coffeeshops” in Amsterdam and there are hundreds of them throughout the city.

Visit museums of the Masters: The Van Gogh Museum and The Rembrandt House Museum are great places to view their works and learn the history of the famous Netherlands painters.

The Rembrandt museum is located in the house where he lived and worked for 20 years in the heart of Amsterdam. Many of his works are on display in the home-turned-museum that has been refurbished in the style of the 17th century in which he lived.

The Van Gogh Museum has a large collection of his works and is also the place where research is done on the life and work of the troubled artist.

Masters of LXRY is an annual lifestyle fair for the rich and famous. The most prominent high-end companies from the Netherlands and elsewhere bring luxury goods to display and sell. Visitors will find art, furniture, gourmet kitchen items, watches, yachts and Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and RollsRoyces on display.

At the Masters of LXRY fair, the latest trends in travel and interior design are on display new products are launched, limited editions of items are offered for sale as live music plays and chefs prepare food for festival-goers.

Have some fun:

The Rembrandtplein is one of the busiest squares in the city. It’s filled with pubs, restaurants – and places to go clubbing.

Cheese shops seem to be on just about every corner of the city. The cool thing is they give samples – as big a sample as you want for you just walk in and cut yourself a piece.

FBOs and Handlers at Schiphol Airport, EHAM, AMS

Menzies Aviation Group  POSTBUST 75625  (312) 044-6400   
Corporate Services Unlimited  VERTREKPASSAGE 102  (312) 060-2210   
Trans Avia Airways    (312) 060-6748   
Jet Aviation Netherlands - Amsterdam  GA Terminal, Thermiekstraat 14, Building 006, 1117 BC Schiphol, Netherlands  +31 20 226 0150   
Aviapartner Executive   Thermiekstraat 16, NL-1117 BC Schiphol
Amsterdam, The Netherlands NL-1117 
+31 20 206 67 80 
Jetsupport Handling    +31 20 502 2280 
Swissport    +31 20 79 52 405 
Jet Aviation  General Aviation Terminal - Gebouw 006, Thermiekstraat 14, Schiphol East, 1117 BC  +31 20 226 0150   

METAR Weather Data at Schiphol Airport, EHAM, AMS

OBSERVEDTue May 17, 04:25 UTC
NOWTue May 17, 04:50 UTC
AGE25 min ago
WINDW at 6 mph
VISIBILITYgreater than 7 miles
CLOUDSclear skies
TEMP57°F (14°C)
DEWPT54°F (12°C)
BAROMETER1019 hPa (30.09 in Hg)
METAREHAM 170425Z 28005KT 250V310 CAVOK 14/12 Q1019 NOSIG

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