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For very frequent air charter users, leasing is often a very useful and cost-effective alternative. It is also offers many advantages from the sheer practical, to those of cash flow when compared to outright purchase. A leasing contract avoids having to part with a very large cash sum and thus avoids investment risk.

If you are a regular user, the single biggest advantage of leasing an aircraft is the time saved having to source one each time you need to fly. Your aircraft will always be ready and waiting for your next journey, needing just a short phone call to be ready to fly.

There are two ways to lease a private jet:

1. Dry Leasing

This is where you lease the aircraft only with no extras. You will need to either be the pilot or have a full crew on standby. The owner in essence transfers the possession (but not the legal title) of the aircraft to the lessees.

2. Wet Leasing

Wet aircraft leases include crew, fuel, insurance and other flight costs, and it does not involve transference of possession of the aircraft. Paramount Business Jets have specialist, dedicated private aviation consultants who are experts in leasing. They will work with you and source the ideal aircraft suitable for your needs.

Some Benefits of Leasing a Private Jet Include:

  • Short term from three months.
  • Long-term from one year.
  • Your own aircraft on permanent call 24/7, 365/12.
  • No capital investment to tie up cash or restrict your cash flow, with convenient payments you can make full contingency for in advance.
  • Residual value risk and depreciation is not yours, and you walk away at the end of the lease without concerns for selling the aircraft.
  • Lease payments are a legitimate business expense.
  • Leasing is superior to financing where you do not need the tax write-off from tax depreciation.

To learn more and receive a customized proposal for your aircraft lease, contact a PBJ Representative today at +1-877-727-2538.

Global Private Jet Aircraft Leasing Inventory

At Paramount, we do not inventory aircraft, we find the best aircraft value and aircraft options a little differently. We track every aircraft in the world and then as we have orders we make contact with everyone who owns that particular aircraft we seek and we come up with the best fit and solutions for our clients. We have long relationships with many banks that can provide financing and we can walk you through the entire process from where we are now until we hand you the keys and beyond if you like. In the last 30 plus years our team combined have delivered in excess of 600 aircraft to points all over the world.

Sample of Monthly Private Jet Leasing Prices

Below you will find the average dry aircraft leasing prices in USD for the following aircraft types:

PLEASE NOTE: Dry lease prices do not include fuel and operational costs.

Challenger 601-3A 28,000 20,000
Challenger 604 75,000 64,800
Challenger 605 200,000 124,600
Citation CJ2 35,000 23,000
Citation CJ3 49,500 39,600
Citation Bravo 23,000 15,960
Citation Excel 31,000 23,960
Citation VI 20,000 11,200
Citation VII 18,000 15,000
Citation X 52,500 48,996
Falcon 900B 55,000 48,000
Falcon 50 25,000 19,980
Gulfstream IV 65,000 33,560
Gulfstream V 185,000 119,760
Hawker 800A 22,500 9,996
Hawker 850XP 59,000 36,000
Hawker 1000 30,000 23,960
Lear 40XR 35,000 47,960
Lear 45 26,000 19,740
Lear 60 24,950 19,960

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