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Why do Champions Choose Paramount?

Your Schedule is Important

Sports event timetables can change at any time and you need a private jet charter that can keep up. Paramount’s global partners operate worldwide with over 15,000 aircraft, so your team can fly directly to any game or event at a moment’s notice. No schedules. No connections. Just a convenient flight whenever, and wherever you need it.

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NBA Game

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We know that flexibility is key. With our extensive global network, we can accommodate different types of teams, all the way from collegiate to pro athletes. Whether you’re traveling with the players alone, or you want to bring along staff, sponsors and families too, there will be an option to suit you. We don’t charge change fees, so you can add or remove passengers at any time. And with no bag restrictions or charges, you can travel with all the equipment you need.

We’re on Your Team

Your dedicated Personal Flight Manager will work with you exclusively throughout the season to provide a winning sports team charter experience. Your Flight Manager will take care of every detail of your trip, from the choice of aircraft to in-flight catering, leaving you and your team free to focus on what matters.

VIP Service That Starts on the Ground

You and your team can skip the lines and enjoy a quick, hassle-free check-in at your own private terminal. After you speed through your dedicated security area, you can enjoy some gourmet refreshments in your private lounge before boarding. And when you land, your VIP transport on the ground will be ready and waiting.

Touch down rested and ready to win.

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When performance matters, your team needs to arrive ready. We provide the most luxurious, comfortable private aircraft to guarantee your players arrive refreshed and ready to compete. And for coaches and managers, on-board multimedia suites that are available make time for any last minute strategizing.

Go Team!

Every last detail of your Paramount sports jet charter can be tailored to your team, from on-board meals designed by nutritionists to luxury transfer waiting on the ground. We can even provide personalized aircraft, decorated, both inside and out, with your team colors and insignia, and you can choose your entertainment systems and even crew uniforms.

We Never Let Our Guard Down

With high-profile athletes and valuable players on board, we understand that enhanced security is critical on sports team charter flights. We work with elite agencies around the world to provide threat assessments, monitoring, personal guards and secure transportation as required. And of course, your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed at all times.

Safe Bet

We’re one of the safest private jet charter services in the industry, working exclusively with FAA-certified, third-party verified aircraft and crew. In addition to mandated third-party safety checks, we perform our own strict inspections before every single flight to guarantee your team’s safety. Every air carrier that works with us makes sure the sports teams and athletes get safely to their destinations, that's why Paramount is the best choice when it comes to sports air charter services.

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