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The Boeing Company is a multinational aeronautical manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Besides producing business jets, airliners, and rotorcraft, Boeing also designs, manufactures and sells rockets and satellites. Boeing is one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers in the world and is the second largest aerospace and defense contractor in existence as of 2012. The company is also America's largest exporter. The company is lead by CEO James McNerney and consists of five distinct divisions, each assigned an area of expertise. In 2013, Boeing's reached rank 30 in the Fortune 500 based on $86 billion in sales.


In 1910, William E. Boeing purchased a shipyard and converted it into his very first airplane factory. Boeing was incorporated in 1916 as Pacific Aero Products Co.. In 1917, the company became known as the Boeing Airplane Company. At the onset of World War I, Boeing took advantage of the U.S. Navy's need for seaplanes and introduced his new Model Cs. The U.S. Navy promptly ordered fifty units and so began the successful enterprise of Boeing aircraft.

Upon the end of the war, Boeing avoided the fate of many other aircraft manufacturer's by selling alternative products during a time when aircraft manufacturing suffered a drop in demand. Less than a year later, Boeing introduced the B-1, which was a flying boat functioning as an airmail craft. Throughout the development of several more models, in 1927 Boeing built the Model 40A, which won an important U.S. Post Office contract to deliver air mail. The company continued to focus on air mail until the beginning of World War II, when the focus was quickly turned towards military bombers.

It wasn't until 1958 that Boeing delivered the United States' first commercial jet airliner, the 707. This would be the foundation for Boeing's iconic modern airliners, such as the 757, of which over 1,000 units were produced. Today, Boeing continues to dominate much of the aviation industry. The company has always focused on larger aircraft and it is a testament to the company's long established vision that it has remained so successful throughout the years. Read more about Boeing on Wikipedia.

Types of Boeing Jets Available in the Market

Aircraft name Max Pax Range (nm)
Boeing 727-200 189 1700
Boeing 737-200 136 2060
Boeing 737-400 173 2500
Boeing 737-700 149 1540
Boeing 737-800 189 3260
Boeing 747-400 660 7262
Boeing 757-200 239 3900
Boeing 767-300ER 250 5990
Boeing 777-300 550 5710
Boeing Business Jet 149 5985
Boeing Business Jet 2 189 4750
Boeing Business Jet 3 100 4225
Boeing 737-300 149 2270
Boeing 717 117 2180
Boeing 737-500 140 2402
Boeing 777-200LR VIP 88 10000
Boeing 767-200ER 290 7280
Boeing 777-200 440 5240

Boeing Aircraft Charters, Sales and Leasing Services