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Paramount Business Jets offers one of the largest selections of Learjet charters worldwide. Hire a Learjet or rent any Learjet types and models with one phone call. We offer the best pricing and VIP air charter services for any Learjet charter flights throughout the world.

Learjet 75 in Flight, As every private jet traveler knows, the Lear line is a stand out family of aircraft. The first Gates Learjet was the Lear 23, a small 6 seat light jet, which was one of the very first light jets to hit the scene in the early 60s. Over the years the aircraft spawned a family of light and midsize jets that would continue to stand at the front of their classes.

Although not the most roomy aircraft, they drew their heritage from a fighter jet model, and would always be some of the fastest jets in their class. The Learjet 35, though first introduced in the mid 70s, and produced until 1994, is still a go to aircraft for those seeking the fastest jet out there, with the lowest budget. Since 1990 Bombardier has been hammering out the Lear Jet line, and have brought us the outstanding aircraft we know as the Learjet 45, Learjet 40, and Learjet 60 aircraft. But now we are ready for the next stage in this great heritage of jets. Bombardier's latest Learjets are in the form of the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75.

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Aircraft name Max Pax Range (nm)
Learjet 31 8 1259
Learjet 40 7 1692
Learjet 40XR 6 1617
Learjet 45 7 1969
Learjet 45XR 8 2049
Learjet 60 8 2186
Learjet 60XR 8 2365
Learjet 70 6 2060
Learjet 75 8 2040

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