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White Helicopter in a Blue Sky

Clients choose to rent a helicopter over a jet when they don’t have too far to travel.

When it comes to chartering private flights with Paramount Business Jets, clients always have a range of options available to them. In this case, one of those options is being able to reserve a helicopter charter instead of a private jet if you so desire.

Helicopters are very much their own category within the private air travel industry. Our clients choose to rent a helicopter over a jet when they don’t have too far to travel, want more versatility regarding takeoff and landing locations, and wish to arrive at their destination enjoying the fullest VIP treatment imaginable.

You can reserve your private helicopter charter with Paramount at any time. Just select your options and let us handle all the legwork. But in the meantime, take some time to learn more about our private helicopters and where our clients most like to take them.

Luxury Private Helicopters

Helipad near water body

Helicopters have a significant advantage in their ability to take off and land from locations closer to your destination.

With so many types of private jets at your disposal through us, why might someone opt for a private helicopter instead? The main reason is convenience. Helicopters are particularly useful for only short- or medium-distance flights. This is due mostly to their high costs of operation. But helicopters also have a significant advantage over private jets. This is their ability to take off and land from locations closer to your destination.

If the need arises, your private helicopter can land in a field, on private property if permitted, and on a helipad atop a hotel, office tower, or other building. Of course, helicopters are also ideal for shuttling you to remote destinations that might not be able to facilitate an airplane runway of any kind. Because helicopters are smaller and more versatile in the air, you will find them more appropriate for landing in heavily populated areas such as inside city centers or near events such as parties, concerts, and sports games.

Types of Private Helicopters

Yellow Helicopter in a Blue Sky

Paramount Business Jets arranges private helicopters that come in a wide variety of models for your convenience.

Paramount Business Jets arranges private helicopters that come in a wide variety of models for your convenience. Each has its own features, including range, speed, and passenger capacity. This latter point is especially important to mention. Helicopters obviously have much-reduced cabin sizes as compared to private jets. For instance, the AW101 helicopter can hold up to 30 people but typically seats only 10. Meanwhile, the Bell 230 can hold seven people but generally seats only five. To us, these minimal passenger limits add to the exclusivity of a private helicopter rental. After all, if personal helicopter transits were available to everyone, larger aircraft would have to be built to service crowds. Your helicopter, then, serves as a true vehicle for VIP treatment when traveling privately by air with Paramount.

To that end, be sure to check out the helicopter section of our aircraft page, which details all the types of private jets and other aircraft we have. Other helicopter models include the Airbus AS355N, which has a range of 320 nautical miles; the Sikorsky S-76, with a range of 404 nautical miles; and the Eurocopter AS-365-N3 Dauphin, with a range of 428 nautical miles.

Depending on the helicopter’s size, they are also equipped to handle flight types other than private personal transport. These include cargo missions and medical evacuation flights. Paramount Business Jets’ versatility in making helicopters and other aircraft available for whatever our clients need sets us apart in the private air travel industry. Our customers know they can rely on us for a range of VIP air services at prices that are both fair and transparent.

Popular Private Helicopter Flights

Red Helicopter in a Blue Sky

Passengers have only to glance out the side windows to take in breathtaking views of the ground below.

As we’ve said, due to a helicopter’s size and fuel capacity, private helicopter flights are much shorter than those taken in private jets. However, the tradeoff is that clients who reserve helicopter charters are closer to the action than they would be in a plane. Helicopters fly much lower than jets do, and passengers have only to glance out the side windows to take in breathtaking views of the ground below.

Here are several of our most popular private helicopter charter routes.

Boston to New York

Boston is about 217 miles from New York City, which makes this a perfect route to take in a private helicopter. And, of course, New York offers no shortage of activities and other fun things to do. Your helicopter rental can land at an airport or on a helipad, and then we can arrange ground transportation to take you to a food festival, Yankees game, film premiere, or Broadway production. Whatever you’re up to in the Big Apple, you can rely on Paramount to get you there efficiently and in the ultimate style.

San Francisco to Los Angeles

San Francisco and Los Angeles are among the most populous cities in the United States, and that means our clients love flying between them in private helicopters. Maybe you want to spend a few days in San Francisco before heading down south. While there, check out the City by the Bay’s numerous tourist attractions, such as Bay cruises, haunted tours, whale-watching expeditions, or Golden Gate Bridge photo opportunities. Then, take an AW109 Grand New helicopter the 383-mile distance to Los Angeles, where you’ll be greeted with an entirely new world of fun and exciting things to do. These include Hollywood and Beverly Hills bus tours, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the famous sands of Venice Beach.

Miami to Key West

The final most popular private helicopter route on this list is Miami to Key West, which is a short hop of only 165 miles. You might fill your time in Miami with activities such as taking a speedboat tour of the coast, visiting Jungle Island eco-adventure park, or checking out Miami Beach. Then, after hopping aboard a Bell 210 and landing in Key West, you can spend some time at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum or take a bicycle tour of Old Town Key West.

Reliable Helicopter Charters

Whatever your destination and personal style are, Paramount Business Jets will arrange a helicopter charter that will get you there exactly how you want. The rotorcraft we reserve for you can handle a plethora of passenger capacities and are capable of flying numerous distances. Just let us know your every need, and we will set up the perfect private helicopter flight for you and your party.

Contact us with any questions at all about our private helicopter charters or other services by calling 1-877-727-2538.

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