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Private jet hire from Chicago to New York

Hiring a private jet from the Windy City is a breeze thanks to Paramount Business Jet. We are delighted to offer high class private jet travel from Chicago to the heart of New York. Choose your own jet from our vast network of private jets available for charter and don’t pay through the roof for exclusive and luxurious business travel.

Travel in style across one of the busiest routes from the MidWest to the Eastern seaboard in a luxurious private charter jet and enjoy the highest standard of service from our expert staff. From your initial enquiry, right through to wheels up and touch down, you’ll be in good hands.

Find a Price For Private Jet Travel Between Chicago and New York

Chartering a private jet between two of the biggest cities in the United States has never been easier. You can start by entering your details below and getting an estimate for a private flight between Chicago and New York below:

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Choose Your Aircraft and Price to Suit You

We can arrange aircraft to suit a range of needs and all prices are fully inclusive. Flight time between Chicago and New York is around two hours. You can choose from light jets such as the Citation Bravo or CJ2 and the Hawker 400XP. Also popular for travel between Chicago and New York are the Citation Excel super light jet and the Hawker 800XP midsize jet.

Category Aircraft Pax Flight Time One Way Price Estimate Round Trip Price Estimate
Light Citation Bravo 8 02:00 9,500 USD 15,400 USD
Light Jet Citation CJ2 6 02:00 8,500 USD 14,000 USD
Light Jet Hawker 400XP 8 02:00 9,000 USD 14,500 USD
Super Light Citation Excel 8 02:00 9,500 USD 17,000 USD
Midsize Hawker 800XP 8 02:00 12,000 USD 20,000 USD

Round Trip Price based on 1 overnight.

Commonly Used Private Jet Categories for Charter Flights Between Chicago and New York

The flight time between Chicago and New York is around two hours. Below are details for each aircraft category and their respective flight times and price ranges.

Nextant 400XTi Exterior
Nextant 400XTi Interior
Light Jets

Citation Bravo, Nextant 400XTi, Citation Ultra, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
$9,000 - $14,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
$16,300 - $22,950
6 - 7
Range (nm)
1,100 - 1,900
Speed (KTAS)
308 - 492
Cabin Height (ft)
4.1 - 5.0
One Way Flight Time
01:42 - 02:18
Round Trip Flight Time
03:30 - 04:48
Citation XLS+ Exterior
Citation XLS+ Interior
Super Light Jets

Citation XLS+, Learjet 45XR, Learjet 75, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
$9,500 - $14,000
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
$18,150 - $28,900
7 - 8
Range (nm)
1,700 - 1,900
Speed (KTAS)
383 - 465
Cabin Height (ft)
4.1 - 5.0
One Way Flight Time
01:42 - 02:03
Round Trip Flight Time
03:36 - 04:04
Citation Latitude Exterior
Citation Latitude Interior
Midsize Jets

Praetor 500, Citation Latitude, Hawker 900XP, and more.

Price Estimate (One Way)
$10,000 - $15,800
Price Estimate (Round Trip)
$19,350 - $29,350
8 - 9
Range (nm)
1,300 - 3,000
Speed (KTAS)
374 - 470
Cabin Height (ft)
4.8 - 5.9
One Way Flight Time
01:42 - 02:06
Round Trip Flight Time
03:42 - 04:24

*Based on 1 nights stay
*One way prices based on availability

Which Airports Can You Use for Private Jet Travel Between Chicago and New York?

Private jet rentals are available from a number of different airports and we’re sure you will find one that is convenient to you for takeoff and landing.

There are dozens of airports to choose from if you are jetting into the Big Apple from Chicago. The closest airports in the Chicago area to hire a private jet from are Chicago Midway International Airport, Aurora Municipal Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which are all within 16 miles of the city.

Paramount Business Jets can have you in the heart of Manhattan in just a couple of hours, with the Wall Street Heliport available to Helicopters. You can also make use of the East 34th Street Heliport and the West 30th Street Heliport, which are both within three miles of the city center. Nearby airports are La Guardia Airport, which is eight miles from the heart of New York, Newark Liberty International Airport, 9 miles away, and Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, 10 miles away.

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