Once you’ve experienced flying by private jet, it is difficult to return to commercial flights. The standards provided are totally different: when traveling private - you can enjoy much more comfort and privacy on board, let alone the individual service before and after the flight. But what is the next step for those now accustomed to the world of private aviation? Even better jets. Within the context of private planes, faster usually means better. Do you look for the fastest aircraft in the world? Here, we run through the world’s five fastest jets!

Gulfstream G650 – Maximum Speed Mach 0.925 / 610 mph

All aviation enthusiasts will already be familiar with Gulfstream’s accomplishments. With a respectful nod to the G500 and G550, the Gulfstream G650 is the pinnacle of their achievements in the private jet industry and its three-year waiting list is testament to the ground-breaking design. The G650 has re-envisioned the fundamental design features of an aircraft with the unique wing structure altering how air passes over the model and resulting in impressive velocity. It’s highly customizable, with twelve unique floor plans for buyers to choose from. Robert Goyer of Flying Magazine wrote last year that “the G650 is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest range and most technologically advanced jet – by far – that Gulfstream has ever built.”

Whilst the model itself will set you back $65 million, the Gulfstream G650 has recently become available for private charter. It’s not cheap; a return London to Dubai excursion hovers around the $150,000 mark, but if you’re in a hurry and money is no object there’s simply no finer option.

Cessna Citation X – Max. Speed Mach 0.935 / 617 mph

Boasting a marginally superior speed to the Gulfstream G650 we have the Cessna Citation X. Many private jet designers opt for neutral colors that hint at suave and sophistication. Whilst the Citation X also has these traits the black and silver color scheme is much more futuristic. The word sleek springs to mind as one examines the bathroom, the sharp-edged furnishings layered in mirrors which also make space appear more expansive. In keeping with the futuristic ideas, there is plenty of technological integration with touchscreen controls operating multiple aspects such as the lighting, temperature, and audio –all very impressive stuff.

As you’d expect from the fastest aircraft on the market there is a reputed name behind the manufacturing side. Two Rolls Royce turbofan engines power the beast and, combined with the intrepid wing design, provide the aircraft with its 617 mph capabilities. From the manufacturing process to the on-board controls, stunning interiors and record speed, the Cessna Citation X has it all.

Dassault Falcon 7X – Maximum Speed Mach 0.9 / 593 mph

The Falcon 7X considers itself the benchmark for modern business jets, and who are we to argue? The ruthless efficiency behind the design of the Falcon 7X derives from its military history, incorporating fighter jet technology into a business jet to capitalize on over three decades of aviation expertise.

The 7X is a popular model with some 200 of the aircraft in service spread across 32 countries. Practicality has always been high on the agenda of the Dassault aircraft; the fuel consumption is a significant 15-30% lower than similar models, and it is capable of landing on a stretch of 630m whilst weathering some of the most adverse conditions some countries offer. Despite this, it would be erroneous to believe that the 7X sacrifices the fundamental aspects of luxury that make the private jet such an unforgettable experience. Far from it, in fact. The three sophisticated lounge areas provide ample space in plush surroundings complemented by an en suite shower by the lush double bed. Behind the scenes, the jet handles just like a fighter jet utilizing cutting edge technology to ensure an unequivocally smooth ride from take-off to landing.

Bombardier Global 6000 – Max. Speed Mach 8.9 / 590 mph

Wondering which other plane is among the world's fastest aircraft? Bombardier is one of the most respected names in the aviation game and as such the Bombardier Global 6000 is a remarkable machine that fairs well among the industry’s finest and fastest aircraft in the world. Before even stepping onboard the 6000 is a stunning receptacle, a classic white design with just a sprinkling of gold providing standout appeal from the offset. As expressed in the name of the model, the aircraft is capable of an IFR range of 6,000 nm, an aspect which has proven to be a persuasive factor for buyers in the modern market.

All private jets have an attractive interior but Bombardier’s showcase private jet is particularly noteworthy. Starting with the state-of-the-art cockpit to what Bombardier has labeled the “largest and longest seated compartment of any true business jet”, the aircraft epitomizes what the private aviation industry stands for. Enlarged windows add natural light and increase the view by 40% compared to regular aircraft whilst the centerpiece must be the private stateroom which features a private lavatory and shower.

Aerion AS2 – Max. Speed Mach 1.6 / 1,217 mph (2019)

Okay, so the Aerion AS2 is still a few years away yet, but the mileage it is supposedly capable of covering means it warrants a mention on our list. Looking to fill the chasm left by the departure of the Concorde, Aerion’s AS2 model is looking to blow the competition out of the water with nearly double the speed of the current leading aircraft. Reaching supersonic speeds of up to 1,217 mph the AS2 will be capable of transporting passengers from London to New York in as little as three hours in an unprecedented industry revolution.

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