Our exclusive top 21 cities worldwide

Paramount Business Jets is proud to present an expansive list of some of our most popular destinations around the world for private jet travelers. With over 15,000 aircraft available in over 115 countries, Paramount Business Jets serves clients in every corner of the globe. Read on to discover our top 21 destinations via private jet charter.

21. Fort Worth, Texas, USA – One of the largest cities in the USA, Fort Worth has a strong Western heritage and history intermingled with the contemporary architecture and exclusive nightlife offered in the downtown area. Fort Worth is a fun city to explore, especially if traveling by private jet.

20. Chantilly, Virginia, USA – Chantilly is a small and intimate location with both residential and commercial development and is considered to be a part of the Washington municipal region. This is an ideal location to meet up with relatives or friends or to simply enjoy a trip to a lovely destination.

19. Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA – An up and coming tourist destination, Sunny Isles Beach is a fun getaway location with its beautiful beaches, quaint street shops, boutiques, cafes and extravagant hotels. Still an exclusive destination, Sunny Isles Beach is ideal for private jet charter.

Sochi, Russia
Sochi, Russia

18. Sochi, Russia – Ideal weather, luxury resorts, unique architecture, historical monuments, cultural and heritage sites, are a few among the many features this city has to offer. Sochi also held the 2014 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, and was one of the cities that held the 2018 Fifa World Cup. 

17. Alexandria, Virginia, USA – Although a city with a large military and government presence, Alexandria provides a great shopping, dining and cultural experience with its numerous contemporary and vintage shops, charming restaurants as well as theaters. 

16. Boulder, Colorado, USA – One of the most liberal cities in the USA, Boulder is especially significant in Western history and is situated at the bottom of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Apart from the iconic landscapes of the Flatiron Hills and the Rocky Mountains, Boulder has a large sports, music and film industry making it an internationally recognized destination for tourists. 

15. Zaragoza, Spain – Zaragoza is a distinctive, bustling, metropolitan city located on the Ebro River and home to prominent attractions such as the Basilica del Pilar and La Seo Cathedral. Suited for private jet charter, Zaragoza is an internationally recognized destination that also hosts the Fiestas del Pilar, a Spanish festival, revered all over Spain. There are numerous ski resorts around Zaragoza with ice and snow sports being very popular and providing a fun experience for visitors.

14. Salzburg, Austria – Birthplace of the incredible composer Mozart, Salzburg continues to be a city with a major music influence as well as a city with various prominent landmarks, a variety of events and other fun opportunities and activities for tourists. A historically rich, tourist destination, Salzburg is a must-see when in Europe.

13. Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA – Home to the revered circus advertiser and former mayor, P.T. Barnum, Bridgeport is not only host to the memorabilia of P.T. Barnum but also the performing arts, parks, museums, music concerts and other different festivals and events. A contemporary, happening location, Bridgeport is a fantastic destination.

12. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA – A globally recognized tourist area, Fort Lauderdale provides an unforgettable experience with its sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, luxurious resorts, picture-perfect beaches and incredible shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Fort Lauderdale is one of the greatest and widely visited cities in Florida, especially during spring break. 

11. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – A small city, Punta Cana is culturally profound, displaying a wide array of unique architecture influenced by Dominican and Spanish heritage. Filled with luxury resorts, pleasant weather, and landmarks such as the Ponce de Leon’s fortress, Punta Cana is a private jet charter destination that will provide a memorable experience.

Saint-Tropez with seascape and blue sky
Beautiful view of Saint-Tropez with seascape and blue sky. France, Provence, Mediterranean Sea

10. Saint-Tropez, France – A well known party destination, the mediterranean town of Saint-Tropez is a fashionable and high class location for tourists. It has been home to millionaires and various other members of the elite, with its grand hotels, lavish bars and restaurants and ideal yacht and marina life. 

9. Shenzhen, China – Considered one of the most prosperous and economically affluent cities in the world, Shenzhen boasts a lively and contemporary skyline in a thriving city situated north of Hong Kong. As Shenzhen is a modern and flourishing city it provides tourists an ideal trip with incredible shopping, dining, and entertainment.

8. Oxford, United Kingdom – Momentous architecture from all ages, prestigious and globally acknowledged university and cultural significance throughout, Oxford is one of the most commonly sought out destinations around the globe. Guaranteeing an exciting and memorable trip, Oxford is accessible through private jet charter and will provide a once in a lifetime experience.

7. Portofino, Italy – A traditional fishing village, Portofino is an antiquated resort destination with a breathtaking marina surrounded by lavish hotels and stunning greenery creating a picturesque location. Fitting for private jet charter, Portofino delivers a serene and soothing landscape mixed with water sports, an assortment of monuments and various other activities.

6. Palermo, Italy – Renowned as the capital of Sicily, Palermo offers exquisite dining, impeccable music, art and much more. In this city tourists can visit and explore historic buildings such as palaces and churches during the day and at night Palermo hosts an incredible nightlife with live music, festivals and events. 

5. Placencia, Belize – A unique peninsula, Placencia is a small village with tranquil resorts and intimate beaches with a variety of water activities, local festivals, events and culinary treats. Ideal for anyone, Placencia, a cozy and peaceful destination, provides tourists an escape from their daily lives and promises a relaxing experience.

4. Reims, France – Reims offers a variety of different experiences ranging from exploring the diverse streets and squares winding throughout the city, to sampling and taking tours of exclusive vineyards as Reims is one of the major towns involved in creating, manufacturing and distributing champagne. Reims hosts even more specialties, activities and other experiences and is a tourist destination suited to private jet charter.

3. Seville, Spain – Famous for its influence in the arts and Spanish culture, Seville is a widely visited destination in Spain that has many prosperous landmarks, museums, and parks for sightseeing, as well as cultural festivals, and an energetic nightlife. 

2. Phuket Province, Thailand – The largest island in Thailand, Phuket is world famous providing an extraordinary experience. The island is divided into three districts, each with their own charm, custom architecture, a wide variety of lavish hotels and different shops. Phuket is also celebrated for its diverse and unique cuisine as tourists have the chance to sample numerous local dishes. A colorful and tropical destination, Phuket is a trip just right for private jet charter.

1. Saint Martin, France and Netherlands – Essentially split in two and owned by two separate countries, Saint Martin is the most exotic and desirable location worldwide to travel to. Enchanting casinos, sensational nightlife, alluring beaches varied with boutiques, villas, and extravagant resorts; is it any wonder why Saint Martin is so popular. Saint Martin is the most exclusive and extensively sought out location, and is the ultimate tourist destination as well as the best vacation experience.