The 'ins' and 'outs' of Private Jet Charter

Flying is not simply a matter of getting from point A to B, it is an experience in itself, and flying in a private jet should double, if not triple that experience. That’s why aircraft manufacturers focus on constantly upgrading their jets both outside and inside. While all the machinery, engines and operating systems are important for the flyer’s safety, it’s the interior that passengers notice the most. It’s equally important to focus on cabin design.

3X Nano
The 3X Nano™ offers the industry's latest and most advanced technology in color consistency, efficiency, and performance. Picture Source:

For a while now, there has been a decisive shift towards LED lighting not only in private aircraft but in properties too. This is mainly due to the fact that LED lights operate on a fraction of the energy required by more dated technologies, saving as much as 80% in some cases. Also, the color of LED lamps can be quickly changed, adding style and color coordination. 

The 3X Nano, designed by EMTEQ, is a clear example. A series of tiny wash lights come in white or a selection of other colors; a simple yet effective way to alter the overall appearance of cabins and subtly improving the flight experience.

Business jets are also veering more towards sharper, more interactive forms of entertainment and information. This means more HD screens, more direct passenger interaction and more customization.

Clarity is an all-inclusive interactive system designed by Heads Up Technologies that put the environment in the hands of the passengers, allowing them to alter various settings from the comfort of their seat. Changing the brightness of lights is nothing new but there is plenty more when it comes to Clarity: temperature, jet window shades, and an interactive map are all there for passengers to experiment with, and high-speed Wi-Fi is now also widely available.

Adding to the more practical aspects of the cabin can also make for a smoother and more enjoyable flight. The wittily named Dishwasher is the perfect example of how tackling the grubbier aspects of in-flight necessities can make for a more pleasant time. A joint venture between Lufthansa Technik and HS2 Engineering, the Dishwasher is capable of washing a full load of dishes in just 360 seconds. A far cry from the typical image of a huge, heavily vibrating dishwasher, the machine operates on three liters of water and can be incorporated into existing aircraft. Saving time and space, passengers can look forward to enjoying their drinks from crystal clear glasses.

Zodiac Aerospace Cool Trolley
The Cool Trolley keeps food as cool as a cucumber, with a temperature that never exceeds 5 degrees Celcius. Picture Source.

Commercial food trolleys can be old and faulty, but this would be absolutely unacceptable in a private jet. Designed by Zodiac Aerospace, this trolley keeps food cool at all times, with a temperature that never exceeds 5 degrees Celsius. By using dry ice to keep the food extra cold until it’s time for it to be cooked, passengers can rest assured that the chances of any unwanted food poisoning ruining their holiday are greatly, greatly reduced.

Wi-Fi can't be missed

As people become more and more dependent on the internet for both work and play, access to Wi-Fi has become increasingly important. With this in mind, and considering the clientele that frequent business jets, it is absolutely no surprise that there is a high demand for Wi-Fi on board the aircraft – and that demand is now being met. Ka-band satellites have been at the forefront of the movement, offering huge speed increases for smoother and more accessible internet facilities. The antennas are both flat and light, ensuring that drag is minimized and doesn’t negatively affect the aircraft’s projection.

The actual use of having high-speed internet onboard aircraft is, of course, excellent news for those looking to send emails and continue their work as they travel, but the Wi-Fi can be also used for entertainment if you want to relax. 

Emteq’s eConnect service offers movies, radio, music services, and even an interactive map that can all be streamed seamlessly making for a thorough selection of entertainment.

Speaking of the internet and in-flight entertainment during your flight, you can also just connect to the on-board Wi-Fi and log onto one of many online streaming services to catch up on a new series. 

If you want to know exactly where you are at all times, Rockwell Collins introduced a useful couple of mobile apps. Pairing the Airshow 3D with their Venue CabinRemote apps, passengers on business jets can always check out their current location mid flight. Far more detailed than traditional in-flight maps, the app allows users the flexibility to pinch, swipe and zoom their way through the online map and see the precise location they’re flying through in real time.