How to Find the Top Private Jet Charter Companies

by Richard Zaher / Jan 08, 2020

Gulfstream Jet on Tarmac

When looking for a private jet charter, you’ll see there’s plenty of companies to choose from. 

Just like in case of checking out car dealerships, or even shopping for groceries, you’d probably rely on your experience, common sense, and other customers’ opinions to choose the company that will offer you the best service. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to private jet charter. 

The five major features described below are the aspects worth paying special attention to when looking for the best private jet charter companies.

Accredited Safety Checks

Private Jet Safety Audit
Reputable private jet companies are accredited by many business aviation industry organizations

The number one factor on your list should always be safety. To be sure you can trust your private jet company, first perform a background check. There are simple checks you can easily do without being an expert which will help you decide if the company is safe and reputable.

If a private jet charter company takes safety seriously, they’ll welcome inspections from third-party auditors such as ACANA. Shady brokers won’t be granted the membership, so the best private jet charter companies wear it as a badge of honor.

Paramount Business Jets voluntarily works with a number of organizations to improve safety and standards:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • The Air Charter Association
  • Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA)
  • National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
  • European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)
  • ARGUS International
  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

Learn more about Paramount Business Jets’ Accreditations.

Know When to Say No

Super Midsize Jets
Honest brokers advise their clients on each trip, such as when a smaller size aircraft will be more cost-effective.

Private jet charter is a luxurious service and all companies will be eager to please their clients by meeting their demands. But that doesn’t mean the broker should flippantly say yes to everything. If a client makes a request that for some reason isn’t appropriate, safe, or possible, a respectable charter broker will be honest and tell them that it’s an unrealistic request.

For example, a client who wants to fly at short notice will likely be willing to pay an added fee. But, if the weather conditions are unsuitable, the broker should tell the client that it’s unsafe and recommend that they wait. Similarly, a client may request an ultra long range jet for a trip where a super midsize jet will do the job just as efficiently. An honest broker should inform the flyer that a smaller, more cost-effective model is a feasible option too, so the client can make an informed decision.

If a broker simply says yes to every single request including the unsuitable ones, they may not have your best interests at heart.

Complete Service

Booking a private jet should be a thrilling experience, and it will be, as long as you have an efficient team behind you. A broker will book a private jet for you but, if they’re working at one of the top private jet companies, they won’t stop there.

Car Next to Private Jet
A reliable private jet company will provide additional services such as ground transport, in-flight catering, and accommodation arrangements among other services.

The complete concierge service should involve a trip support team who will take care of every aspect of your trip, including:

  • Transfers
  • Car hire
  • Food & drink
  • Accommodation

If a broker is operating alone and can’t help with anything but the basic charter, they’re not likely to have the manpower needed to give you an elite trip.


In addition to standard liability insurance, many of the best private jet charter companies such as Paramount Business Jets will provide extra coverage. This is an indicator that the company is confident in their abilities and – in the rare instance there’s an issue – they’re willing to compensate you handsomely.


You should only rely on experienced brokers when chartering a private jet. And experience means that they have plenty of customers. Use this to your advantage by reading reviews from previous customers. That’s one of the best ways to get a complete, genuine picture of the company, including both positive and negative feedback.

Private jet charter is a complicated business in which the companies who have been around for a long time are much more likely to know what they’re doing. Check the company history to make sure they haven’t changed names or had financial issues, and opt for those with a long, steady background.

About Richard Zaher

Richard Zaher Richard Zaher is the founder and CEO of Paramount Business Jets. He is a pilot and the President of Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA). Richard is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Studies. A seasoned international jet charter expert, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and the recipient of the Embry Riddle Eagle Excellence Award at the 2012 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention. He is also an active member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) as well as several safety and air charter organizations.

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