Ultra Long Range Jets

There are many different classes of private jet, but ultra long range jets are generally the biggest, fastest jets which can carry the most passengers.

Most ultra long jets accommodate around 14-16 passengers, but some are capable of carrying more. Because the aircraft are larger than midsize and super midsize jets, they’re able to produce a lot more power and travel at a faster pace. You can expect to travel at around 500 knots on most ultra long range jets.

Another key component is in the name itself: ‘range’. Ultra long range jets can travel much farther than their smaller counterparts, allowing non-stop international private jet charter.

At the very top of the pile are models like the Gulfstream G650ER. With an incredible 14,000 km range, it can fly for up to 14 hours without stopping – which is incidentally the maximum operating time for a crew.

Gulfstream G650ER - Ultra Long Range Jet
Gulfstream G650ER Ultra Long Range Jet (Image: Gulfstream)

Its predecessor, the G550, demonstrated this impressive range when it made the trip from South Korea to Florida and set a new record at just 14 and a half hours. It would be the first of 40 record-setting journeys recorded by the elite Gulfstream model, and all within a few years of its release.

The size of the aircraft is one of its biggest selling points. Being able to carry so many passengers makes ultra long range jets very versatile. There’s sufficient capacity to fly clusters of family members, significant numbers of employees, or even entire sports teams all at once. And they’ll be impressed, because all ultra long range private jets have admirable interiors.

G550 Interior - Ultra Long Range Jet
Gulfstream G550 Ultra Long Range Jet (Image: Gulfstream)

Ultra Long Range Jets - everything you image when picturing a private jet

When people picture a private jet they’ll often imagine a huge amount of cabin space, individual bedrooms, full lavatories, and crew members waiting on them. For smaller models, like turboprops and very light jets, this isn’t accurate. But ultra long range jets are very much like this. They’re the closest thing to the typical image of a luxurious private jet that most people have.

Ultra long range jets are built for luxurious travel over many hours, which is why comfort and top-notch amenities feature heavily. Not just in terms of the on-board services, but the flying experience itself. These larger aircraft are able to ascend higher than other private jets, with ceilings of 50,000 ft and above.

This gives ultra long range jet passengers two major benefits. Firstly, because the plane is capable of flying higher than smaller models, it can avoid a lot of air traffic. This provides more flexibility to fly the route you want, at a time that suits you.

Additionally, the increased altitude is an ideal way to avoid turbulence. The aircraft can quickly ascend to avoid any unfavorable conditions, making for a much smoother journey.

Ultra long range jets are certainly not the cheapest option when looking for private jet charter. But they do have a very versatile and luxurious checklist, which makes them an excellent choice when your travel requires the range or your party is large enough to justify it.