Long months of pandemic travel restrictions and closed borders are finally ending, and many charter customers are eager to journey abroad, whether for vacations, family visits, or on business. Among the first questions, these travelers often ask is whether a private charter can fly internationally, and if so, how to choose the best jet for an overseas journey.

Can A Private Charter Fly Internationally?

Private jets can, like airlines, indeed fly internationally, though there are important differences between international private charter and airline flights. Foremost is the access to thousands more airports than airlines serve, and the freedom to set your own travel schedule when flying across borders, that charter allows. Business jets also have the performance and range to cross national boundaries and oceans alike, while offering passengers an elevated experience in the cabin en route. 

On the other hand, unlike an international airline whose schedules are approved in advance, processing the official permits and paperwork required for a chartered jet flying internationally can take one or more business days, depending on the itinerary, so it may not be the best solution for immediate overseas travel needs. Nonetheless, the required filing time accommodates most travelers’ schedules when they’re ready to make charter plans or book an international flight on a private jet. 

Of course, access to a small number of countries and airspace around the globe is restricted by the government and regulatory agencies for safety and political reasons, but by and large, the world is again wide open.   

The bottom line on international charter flights: Whatever your travel details or destination, a quality broker with global charter experience can curate and arrange the entire trip, creating a customized, seamless journey aboard a jet carefully selected to meet your unique trip needs, preferences, and budget. At Paramount Business Jets, we arrange such trips every day.

Choosing The Best Private Jet For An International Travel

As for the best private jet for an international charter flight: The answer depends on the number of travelers, the flight distance, your budget, and the onboard amenities desired — from high-speed Wi-Fi access to a stateroom with a queen bed. Several suitable aircraft are typically available for any trip, and you can make the selection with your broker’s assistance based on features and price.

For a small group flying from the U.S. to Mexico or Canada, a light jet like the 8-passenger Embraer Phenom 300 provides impressive performance in a modern, high-tech platform. When going transatlantic, a Gulfstream G-IV or GV, able to travel non-stop in comfort and style at a great value, is among the top candidates. And for customers flying between the West Coast and Asia or the Middle East, ultra-long range jets like Bombardier’s Global models can fly groups of more than a dozen, and outfitted with a full galley and state-of-the-art entertainment and environmental systems, ensure travelers enjoy their journey from the moment they step onboard.

What You’ll Need For An International Charter Flight?

As with any international trip, you’ll need travel documents, and a broker active in the international market can tell you exactly what’s required for your itinerary and the passports you and your traveling companions hold. In addition to a passport, you’ll need any visa, proof of vaccination, or other documents the host country requires, based on your nationality, point of origin, or other factors. 

The company that operates the aircraft will gather additional documents needed for an international flight, which can include overflight and landing permits, slot reservations for arrivals and departures, and even flight plans for repositioning flights should parking be unavailable somewhere on an itinerary, requiring a drop-off and pick up. Paramount Business Jets includes all such charges in our contracts, clearly labeled, so prospective clients know the full cost of the private jet charter beforehand. We believe all brokers should be equally transparent, to protect clients from misunderstandings and unanticipated charges.

Getting Ready For Your Overseas Charter Journey

The broker will ask for copies of your travel documents, which are required to complete the charter booking, and payment will be due before the flight. Unlike most charter firms, which co-mingle prepayments in their operational funds, Paramount Business Jets segregates the client’s funds in a separate deposit account that are held until transfer, for added peace of mind.

You are now ready to go! With your traveler information already uploaded, you can arrive at the airport shortly before your flight, just as for a domestic charter trip — the only difference is the final passport and document check that international flights require.

Your itinerary will include information on the airport facilities you’ll use on the trip. Upon arriving at the destination, charter passengers are typically escorted to a customs facility within a private arrivals terminal. Clearance is usually quickly completed, and you’ll be on your way, likely before you would have even reached customs control if going through an airline terminal.

Cleared For Departure

If you want to travel internationally again, there’s no need to postpone your trip any longer. It’s time to discover the difference private air charter makes. A quality, experienced broker can arrange an international flight that avoids the time, health concerns, canceled flights, lost luggage, and other disruptions that continue to hamstring commercial international airline service. Your global team at Paramount Business Jets is ready to orchestrate your entire international experience now. Just tell us where and when you want to go.  

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