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Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter Services

We've entered the new generation of private jet charter options and services available on demand. You can now fly from any city in the world, on any size aircraft, on a per-trip basis, at a moment's notice.

You may need a Turboprop to fly into a remote ski resort with a short runway. Or a large jet or ultra-long-range jet for cross-country or transcontinental flights. You can compare which private jet fits your needs best here. With access to over 15,000 private jets, we can accommodate all your trips with the ideal aircraft, flying you in style, safety, and comfort. Or you can choose from a wide range of private jet services available around the clock and around the world:

Access Private Jets and Charter Services Worldwide

At Paramount Business Jets, your journey on a private plane belongs to you. You have the freedom to personalize and change your charter service and aircraft as you like. No matter what service you choose, we'll align our services with your needs, be it a cargo flight, an executive in-flight business meeting, or a honeymoon getaway.

We're fully committed to safety and transparency. Paramount employs an in-house safety manager who oversees every aspect of every flight to ensure it meets our standards and those of air travel regulatory agencies around the world. When it comes to transparency, we’re always open and honest with our clients regarding what they pay for, the age and safety ratings of the aircraft, as well as the crew we provide.

Paramount Business Jets' clients primarily request corporate and private jet flights. However, we also offer a wide range of specialized charter services, including, but not limited to, the following:

Pet Charter Services

Over 20% of our clients charter private jets to keep their furry friends safe and comfortable. This is especially important while traveling across the country, moving, or visiting second or third homes in distant locations.

Luxury Air Charter Service

Choose among the most luxurious private jets available on the market, from the ultra-long-range G-650 to the VIP airliners with bedrooms and showers like the BBJ1 or BBJ2, to the superfast and fancy Citation X. When it comes to luxury, we have you covered while being sensitive to your budget.

Cargo Jet Services

When you need to move precious metals or a delicate piece of equipment, you can count on Paramount Business Jets to get you and your precious cargo to destinations worldwide quickly and efficiently.

Helicopter Charter Services

For certain trips, the best service is a helicopter charter. Thinking of flying into NYC for a night out? Well, you can land in Manhattan on 34th Street Heliport, watch a play, have a romantic dinner, and be home in time to put the kids to bed.

Medical Air Charter Service

When you need to fly family members safely and quickly, you can count on Paramount Business Jets. For over a decade, we've provided medical flights to heart transplant patients and individuals to and from hospitals for time-sensitive procedures.

Seaplane Charter Services

Going island hopping? You can check with us to find out which seaplanes are in the area. Seaplanes can make your travel exciting and cost-effective without missing any scenery. We'll provide you with various options should you wish to diversify your flying preferences.

Private Jet Charter Solutions for Businesses

Looking for a Private Jet Rental Cost Estimate?

Try our private jet rental cost tool to review price estimates of charter flights to and from any destination in the world, on any size aircraft. Instantly compare charter prices among various private jet categories for the same routes.


Booking Private Jets and Charter Services Worldwide

  1. Step 1

    Call us, talk to our Aviation Advisors, and book your flight online. We will suggest the ideal aircraft for your air charter based on the preferred aircraft size, origin, final destination, your needs, and any special requests.

  2. Step 2

    Review and choose from the available aircraft options. Determine the best value on the market by considering factors such as safety ratings, year of production, refurbishment date, client reviews, and your preferences.

  3. Step 3

    Our Trip Support department will reach out to you to customize your experience. From ground transportation to in-flight catering and special requests, our VIP service is personalized from door to door. We will follow your flight online and be one click away.

  4. Step 4

    Use our simple booking service and conveniently pay for your trip. Our quotes are all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees or surprises. You may choose our on-demand charter pricing model or our jet card pricing via our unique membership program. Have a great flight!

StartHave a great flight!

Discover the Most Travelled Private Jet Service Destinations

Have a great flight with Paramount Business Jets

Enter a few details to plan your charter flight, review aircraft options and prices instantly.

View Specifications of Most Popular Private Jet Charter Aircraft

Enjoy Your Private Jet Charter with PBJ

Now, what's left to do is sit back and enjoy your private flight with Paramount Business Jets! We handle every detail for you so you can focus on what matters most to you on your trip, be it for business or pleasure.

Call +1-877-727-2538 to get a quote and learn more about booking private jet charters with us. With unparalleled luxury and full trip customization at your fingertips, Paramount Business Jets is the private jet charter company you need.


  • How much does it cost to charter a jet?

    Private jet charter prices vary based on the aircraft size, hourly rates, duration of the trip, as well as many other factors. Learn More.

  • How much luggage can I bring on a private jet?

    As a general rule of the thumb, each seat on a private jet can represent one large 23KG bag and 1 soft carry on. Learn more.

  • Do private jets come with Wi-Fi and is there additional cost?

    Most private jets in the USA do have Wi-Fi, and the charges for usage are free for domestic flights. However, when flying international the fees can become expensive. Learn more.

  • When Is On-Demand Charter better than buying a block of hours?

    On-Demand Charter offers lower rates than block hours and more aircraft flexibility. Learn more.

  • Can I place a special food order to be available in-flight?

    Yes, you can make a special order. Standard snacks and drinks are always available on-board. Our staff can also provide you with local menus to choose from. Learn more.

What Our Customers Say

Thanks for arranging everything - we will be recommending you to wheelsup and other friends.

Your company has a new fan! Super job, made my engagement, and the carrier was superb!


You got that business because you were the quickest with feedback and follow up. I actually searched on at least half a dozen sites, but you were the first human being to react and persist.


Yes, we are back in Gerona with my son. We enjoyed the flight. Nice crew, very kind Nina, and perfect food and drink. You're caring and following exceptional. Thank you. I will renew this experience with you.


Yes, all is wonderful! The trip was so smooth and great! The pilot and co-pilot were so nice! The food was great and the aircraft the perfect size.


Wow, Wow, OMG, thank you so much. It was out of this world. They had so much fun, we will do it again sometime this year. Cheers.


WOW What a plane, thought I was living large on a Hawker 800 instead of a 400 but you really raised the bar for me this time. Thank you so much. You now have ALL of my business.


The flight was great, and the crew was awesome. I will definitely reach out to you in the future for travel arrangements. Have a great week.


We had a great flight with Matthew and Daniel. I am very happy with Paramount and your service. I will definitely use it again.


The flight was flawless! The pilots were great and very professional. Thank you for making this happen.

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