Best Private Jets for Corporate Travel 2019

by Richard Zaher / Oct 03, 2019

You’ve made the decision to hire a corporate jet. Now you want to know how to choose the best private jet charter available.

Finding the right jet depends on many different factors, including:

  • Number of passengers
  • Destination
  • Budget

Ask yourself what matters most to you. If you’re particularly tall, you might want to find a private jet with a larger cabin. Or, if you’re landing in a small airport with a short runway, you’ll require one with reduced landing distance.

Here, we run you through nine of the best private corporate jets available for charter.

Types of Corporate Jets

Hawker 400XPR

Hawker 400XPR Corporate Jet
Hawker 400XPR (credit:
Hawker 400XPR Interior
Hawker 400XPR Interior (credit:
Hawker 400 XPR Specifications
Rent Per Hour$2,700
Range2,778 km / 1,500 nm
Cruise Speed833 km/h / 450 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)4.72 m x 1.5 m x 1.45 m / 15.49 ft x 4.92 ft x 4.76 ft
Landing Distance1,071m / 3,515 ft

Many of the most popular private jets are the result of many adaptions, fine-tuned over time. The Hawker 400XPR certainly fits this category.

Stemming from 1978’s Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, the Hawker 400XPR now enjoys a longer range, superior hot-and-high performance, and all-around better technology.

Learjet 60XR

Learjet 60XR Corporate Jet Exterior
Learjet 60XR Exterior (credit: Bombardier)
Learjet 60XR Interior
Learjet 60XR Interior (credit: Bombardier)
Learjet 60XR Specifications
Rent Per Hour$3,400
Range3,785 km / 2,365 nm
Cruise Speed863 km/h / 453 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)5.39 m x 1.81 m x 1.74 m / 17.68 ft x 5.94 ft x 5.71 ft
Landing Distance1,042 m / 3,420 ft

This is the first Learjet to include a stand-up cabin and full-size lavatory. So, if moving around the cabin in comfort is important to you, it’s a fantastic choice.

Advanced PW305 turbofan engines, 59 cubic feet of baggage space, and a high-end cabin management system make this a top contender for business jet travelers. Plus, the customizable floor plans mean there’s a lot of originality in the various designs.

Challenger 300

Challenger 300 Corporate Jet
Challenger 300 (credit: Bombardier)
Challenger 300 Interior
Challenger 300 Interior (credit: Bombardier)
Challenger 300 Specifications
Rent Per Hour$4,800
Range5,741 km / 3,100 nm
Cruise Speed882 km/h / 476 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)8.72 m x 2.19 m x 1.85 m / 28.60 ft x 7.17 ft x 6.08 ft
Landing Distance1,169 m / 3,833 ft

If you’re looking for something a little larger than the Hawker 400 XPR and Learjet 60XR, the Challenger 300 may be well suited. This super midsize jet can accommodate up to 11 passengers yet is still rather cost-efficient.

This model has an impressive range and altitude given its class. Features like liquid crystals to monitor fuel levels and an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System adds even more appeal.

Citation X

Citation X Corporate Jet
Citation X
Citation X Interior
Citation X Interior
Citation X Specifications
Rent Per Hour$5,225
Range5,352 km / 2,890 nm
Cruise Speed972 km/h / 525 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)7.29 m x 1.68 m x 1.74 m / 23.92 ft x 5.50 ft x 5.70 ft
Landing Distance1,430 m / 4,693 ft

The Citation series is world-renowned as one of the finest names in the industry. When you experience the triple threat of performance, economy, and comfort, it’s easy to see why.

Winner of the esteemed National Aeronautic Association’s Robert J. Collier Trophy, the Citation X is a safe choice for a wide array of journeys. Plus, it’s actually the fastest midsize jet in the world.

Gulfstream G450

Gulfstream G450 Corporate Jet
Gulfstream G450 (credit: Gulfstream)
Gulfstream G450 Interior
Gulfstream G450 Interior (credit: Gulfstream)
Gulfstream G450 Specifications
Rent Per Hour$8,800
Range8,056 km / 4,350 nm
Cruise Speed925 km/h / 500 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)13.74 m x 2.24 m x 1.88 m / 45.10 ft x 7.30 ft x 6.20 ft
Landing Distance994 m / 3,260 ft

It’s easier to list the boxes the Gulfstream G450 doesn’t tick than the ones it does. Based on the G-IV series, this model boasts exquisite performance, is highly reliable, and packs in a significant 16 passengers.

You’ll feel comfortable onboard thanks to a generous cabin size – it’s over 13m long – and its cutting-edge entertainment including two large TV screens. Or, if you need to work, there are useful features including satellite phones, fax machines, and LAN capabilities.

Gulfstream GV

Gulfstream GV Corporate Jet
Gulfstream GV (credit:
Gulfstream GV Interior
Gulfstream GV Interior (credit: Wikimedia)
Gulfstream GV Specifications
Rent Per Hour$7,800
Range12,501 km / 6,750 nm
Cruise Speed941 km/h / 508 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)13.39 m x 2.24 m x 1.88 m / 43.92 ft x 7.33 ft x 6.17 ft
Landing Distance844 m / 2,770 ft

Since its first flight in 1995, the Gulfstream V has been an icon. It’s recognized for its luxurious interiors, which includes a lot of space to move around freely.

Among the many alluring features, you’ll find separate lavatories for passengers and crew, a hot-and-cold full-sized galley, power outlets, fold-out work tables, and multimedia entertainment systems.

Falcon 7X

Falcon 7X Corporate Jet
Falcon 7X (credit: Dassault)
Falcon 7X Interior
Falcon 7X Interior (credit: Dassault)
Falcon 7X Specifications
Rent Per Hour$9,200
Range11.019 km / 5,950 nm
Cruise Speed1,050 km/h / 567 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)11.91 m x 2.34 m x 188 m / 39.07 ft x 7.68 ft x 6.17 ft
Landing Distance628 m / 2,061 ft

As the best seller in the entire Falcon line, it should come as no surprise that the Falcon 7X is among the most popular private jet requests at Paramount Business Jets.

The world’s first fly-by-wire business jet seats up to 19 passengers. 28 large windows allow plenty of natural light to flood into the cabins, which makes for a pleasant flying experience.

Airbus ACJ318

Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ318
Airbus ACJ318 (credit: Airbus)
Airbus ACJ318 Interior
Airbus ACJ318 Interior (credit: Airbus)
Airbus ACJ318 Specifications
Rent Per Hour$15,000
Range7,778 km / 4,200 nm
Cruise Speed898 km/h / 485 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)21.4 m x 3.69 m x 2.26 m / 70.20 ft x 12.10 ft x 7.40 ft
Landing Distance1,235 m / 4,050 ft

The Airbus name is familiar to aviation experts and newbies alike. Catering for everything from commercial airlines to the world’s finest Presidential aircraft, most people will have experienced an Airbus in one way or another.

In particular, the Airbus Corporate Jet – ACJ318 is a popular model at PBJ. Depending on the configuration, it can seat up to 132 passengers. This makes it extremely versatile. And there’s plenty of space for bedrooms, private offices, and other options.

Boeing Business Jet

BBJ (credit: Boeing)
BBJ Interior
BBJ Interior (credit: Boeing)
Boeing Business Jet Specifications
Rent Per Hour$11,000
Range11,084 km / 5,985 nm
Cruise Speed868 km/h / 469 KTAS
Cabin Size (L x W x H)24.13 m x 3.53 m x 2.16 m / 79.17 ft x 11.58 ft x 7.09 ft
Landing Distance709 m / 2,326 ft

Boeing is a household name, and the Boeing Business Jet – or BBJ – is a standard setter. It has around three times as much space as the average executive jet and boasts an excellent range – it can travel from New York to Buenos Aires non-stop.

The Boeing Business Jet 2 – or BBJ2 – is a solid 19 feet longer than its predecessor, the original BBJ. Throw in an extra 25% cabin space, plus 12% more fuel efficiency, and it’s clear why the BBJ2 is in such high demand. Or, if you want an even larger jet, try the BBJ3.

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