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Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation refers to both public and private movement of people and freight via land vehicles. Normally ground transportation is associated with airports and the movement of people and is also known as passenger transport. Another aspect of ground transportation that does not involve passengers is freight transport. Freight transport has become focused on containerization, while bulk transport is used for large volumes or durable items. Ground transport plays an integral part in economic growth and globalization, but also has a negative impact on the environment due to the pollution it causes.

Ground transportation can also include references to vehicles or infrastructure, such as roads and railways and as was mentioned before is often used in connection with airports and airline travel. Due to the passenger transport services required for airlines and airports, ground transportation is often used to shuttle people to nearby hotels or motels when overnight stay is required for connecting flights. Many companies provide rental car, private bus and taxi services as well as private limousines for passengers who want to travel privately. Alternatively mass transport is also usually available at airports and is often provided by a municipality or other source of public funding.

Around the world, major airports provide many types of ground transportation, often by working in conjunction with livery companies and other transportation providers. On the other hand, smaller airports might only have a few private rental companies and limited public/mass transport services. In contrast, larger airports tend to offer several different transportation options and often have light rail and/or roads that provide access to multiple sections of the airport.

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