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Duty Time

Duty Time

Duty time is the portion of the day when a crew member is on duty in any capacity. The FAA limits the amount of time that is allowed on duty. No period of scheduled reserve may exceed 14 hours in any 24-hour period. However, once a flight assignment is received, the time equal to duty period assignment plus the amount of elapsed scheduled reserve may extend to 20 hours. In case where the duty period plus elapsed scheduled reserve exceeds 14 hours, the flight crewmember must receive a rest period of at least 12 consecutive hours following completion of the duty assignment. The FAA has rules for flight attendance duty and rest requirements. Those rules can be found under part 121 and 135 operations.

Maximum Scheduled Duty Period Required Scheduled Rest (Duty Break) Actual Rest May Be Reduced To If Rest Reduced, Next Scheduled Duty* Must Not Exceed If Reduced Rest, Next Actual Rest** (Compensatory) Must Be
14Hs or Less 9 hrs 8 hrs - 10 hrs
14+ Hrs to 16 Hrs 12 hrs 10 hrs 14 hrs 14 hrs
16+ Hrs to 18 Hrs 12 hrs 10 hrs 14 hrs 14 hrs
18+ Hrs to 20 Hrs (Int. only) 12 hrs 10 hrs 14 hrs 14 hrs

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