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Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

The Air Traffic Controller is the person responsible for coordinating, directing, and guiding aircraft through landing and takeoff. In accordance with Air Traffic Control responsibilities, their task is to prevent mid-air collisions and oversee a safe and efficient flow of traffic, using separation rules. The separation rules help to keep aircraft apart from each other in a safe and orderly distance. They are also accountable for communicating any weather conditions that may affect the safety of the flight and observing various weather systems.

Air Traffic Controllers mostly work in an aerodrome or tower to have a clear view to oversee the airport activity that they are managing. Working as an employee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), they must exercise situational and spatial awareness at all times. The ability to take in data quickly from many sources, analyze and visualize aircraft positions with this data, and to assertively give instructions is required. Since English is the universal language in aviation, all Air Traffic Controllers are required to have basic English speaking skills. The license as a Civilian Air Traffic Controller is standardized and overseen by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Air Traffic Controller

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