Private Jet Service Agreement

PBJ provides a list of private jet services that can be summarized into 8 steps to ensure success and a seamless private jet charter experience. We offer our clients a unique pricing model designed to yield best value options.

Please review the agreement below so we may begin serving your needs.

  1. Trip Evaluation - Immediately upon notifying PBJ of a new trip request, the client will be contacted by their personal Senior Private Jet Charter Consultant to review details and mission objectives, to include discussions on aircraft capabilities, international and airport regulations and budgetary concerns. Your consultant is “Jet Smart” and well versed in private travel anywhere in the world, answering most if not all your questions, on the spot.
  2. Market Representation - PBJ charter consultants will represent their clients’ interests in the worldwide marketplace, expertly negotiating best values on a wide range of options. Carefully vetting out operators with impeccable safety records and a history of successful seamless flights with PBJ, your personal and highly experienced Senior Charter Consultant will apply years of industry knowledge to accurately present the most reliable aircraft charter available. Paramount has a stellar reputation in the industry and due to high volume buying is afforded lower than retail rates, known as wholesale pricing.
  3. Detailed Presentation of All Available Options - PBJ understands the client reserves the right to make decisions on which specific aircraft option they prefer and believes that through presenting accurate information, we empower their decision making process. Your consultant will list for you details on layouts of aircraft models, years of manufacture, refurbishment dates, operator and airport time restrictions, required fuel stops if any, and wholesale pricing, as well as, our fixed management fee and any related flight taxes. Requests to the operators for pictures of specific aircraft are submitted once initial options are pared down by the client.
  4. Help in Securing Aircraft - Through our financial services, the client will have access to chartered aircraft, catering, and ground transportation under one transparent management agreement and invoicing. PBJ will acquire additional documents from every performing operator, to include copy of their Part 135 Certificate, and proof of required amounts of insurance. PBJ provides wire and credit card capabilities in multiple currencies. Our transparent cancellation policies will always run concurrent with the individuals operator’s cancellation policy and are included in your final documents before signing.
  5. Safety and Reliability - Once the client has officially made their selection of aircraft, PBJ’s top priority is then to ensure our clients are receiving safe and reliable aircraft. We will seek owner approval and work with the operator to address any crew duty issues and possible weather advisories that may affect the trip. Our commitment to our clients includes performing safety audits for each individual crew member assigned. PBJ demands operators to provide the safest crew, and will always provide alternate aircraft options when an operator is not able to provide crew who can pass industry safety standards. Understanding that mechanical and weather related issues happen, PBJ prepares a list of alternate aircraft options available in the area on the day of the flight.
  6. Trip Preparation - Prior to your planned departure day and time, our TEAM of concierge professionals will help in ordering catering to your specification, arranging ground transportation at all locations, notify the pilots and flight attendant of any special needs, reading material, sleeping preparations, etc that might be requested. Passengers manifests and preflight clearances are prepared, as well as, initial and final itineraries.
  7. Professional Flight Tracking Services - Paramount’s commitment to a seamless trip starts long before the actual departure day and time. Our professional flight tracking system allows us to coordinate aircraft, catering, and ground transportation and adjust for clients last minute needs and possible weather related issues. We begin tracking the weather and aircraft during its previous flight to allow the greatest heads time and continue tracking all trip details until you have arrived safely to your final destination. You will have immediate and direct access to your Senior Charter Consultant before, during, and after each flight.
  8. Follow Up Flight Debriefings - We are always striving for perfection and value the feedback from our clients. We will follow through after every flight seeking your opinion regarding your flight and the crew interaction. This important information allows us insight into how better to tailor make a unique experience for every client, helping to ensure each trip is more seamless than the last.
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