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Safety First. Always.

Private Jet Safety

At Paramount, our mission is to exceed your expectations in every way. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver the safest private aviation experience imaginable. With our impeccable decade-long safety record you can fly easy and be confident that you’re in the most reliable of hands.

Why do Our Clients Trust Paramount?

We Put Safety at the Heart of Everything we do

To us, safety is more than just a word. It’s the very core of Paramount's beliefs, the very foundation on which our business is built. Every decision, every protocol, every standard is based on an unwavering commitment to being the safest private aviation provider in the industry. With not a single crash or accident our statistics are impeccable.

We Work With Industry Leaders to Guarantee Your Safety


ARGUS Provides Independent
Third-Party Safety Audits

Sample Argus TripCHEQ Report

Sample ARG/US TripCHEQ (Download PDF)

We’re a proud member of the Aviation Research Group - United States (ARGUS), a leading independent provider of third party safety analysis for the general aviation industry. Together, we employ a rigorous auditing process that leaves no detail unchecked.

We Have the Strictest Safety Standards in Private Aviation

In addition to our own comprehensive safety checks, we use the TripCHEQ system created by ARGUS, known as the most detailed analysis program available. For non-ARGUS operators, usually those outside of North America, we use our own equivalent program based closely on TripCHEQ.

We Audit Every Single Flight, Every Single Time

Using our industry leading programs, we audit the operator, aircraft and crew before every single flight. Our painstakingly detailed air travel reports cover everything from accident, incident and violation histories to operations and insurance certificates, pilot certification and safety ratings.

We Value Your Trust and Your Business

Because we believe in an ethical and transparent service, you’ll be given access to your flight’s safety report prior to your trip. Should anything fail to meet our standards, we’ll notify you immediately and offer you a choice of suitable back-up aircraft.

We Hold Our Partners to Incredibly High Standards

So high, in fact, that only 10% of providers meet the requirements to be part of our preferred global network. Our certified operators, crew and aircraft are not only compliant with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DoT) protocols, they exceed all regulations and boast a flawless safety history and accident rate.

We Know That Safety is a Full-time Job

As part of our commitment to delivering the safest service in the industry, we are one of few private jet providers to employ our own dedicated Flight Safety Manager. Our in-house specialist is an experienced general aviation expert who manages all Paramount safety protocols and oversees the auditing of each and every trip. We also make sure crew members have enough rest between flight hours.

Pilot boarding a jet

We Put You Only in the Most Experienced Hands

We require a minimum of two FAA-certified, ATP-rated pilots on every flight and we apply strict vetting procedures to verify their credentials, insurance and operations certificates. Our minimum required experience for pilots is significantly higher than the industry standard, and this must include certified hours flying your specific aircraft type.

We Go the Extra Mile to Keep You Safe

If you are a high profile individual, and worry about issues other than plane crashes or accidents, such as passenger safety at airports, crowded commercial flights etc., we offer personal safety services throughout your trip. We work with a trusted global network of elite security services to provide threat assessments, 24-hour global monitoring and secure ground transportation to our clients. We can also arrange armed or unarmed bodyguards, airplane guards and on-site audits for further peace of mind. We want you to travel relaxed, knowing that flying private has never been safer.

To find out more about our commitment to safety, call +1-877-727-2538 now to speak to one of our private jet security experts.

International Aviation Safety Authorities

Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Brazil Departamento de Aviacao Civil

Canada Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority

Europe European Aviation Safety Agency

France La Direction de l'Aviation Civile

Germany Civil Aviation Authority (LBA)

Italy Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile

Malaysia Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia

Netherlands Directorate-General of Civil Aviation

New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Poland Civil Aviation Office

Portugal Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil, I.P.

Romania Civil Aeronautic Authority

Russia State Civil Aviation Administration

Singapore Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

South Africa Civil Aviation Authority

Spain Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea

Sweden Civil Aviation Administration

Switzerland Federal Office for Civil Aviation

Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration

United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority

United States Federal Aviation Administration

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