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Air Charter Services for Business Groups and Corporate Shuttles

Commercial airports can be very intimidating places, especially if your interest in them is simply as a staging post for your journey. As a business person, you are not interested in shops, restaurants, promotions, queuing, lounges – you simply want to embark on your journey as quickly and efficiently as possible. And perhaps if time allows, a little quiet time for some business work.

However, taking a commercial or low-cost carrier flight involves all of the above, because airports and commercial carriers exist to market to you, to constantly sell and upsell goods and services to you. And low-cost flights have a rather nasty habit of not being as low-cost as they outwardly might first appear, very often actually biting the hand that feeds them and being, as a result altogether totally unsuitable for the corporate user.

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Corporate Executives Boarding Private Jet

Save Time and Fly on Your Schedule

As a corporate executive, you just want to travel quickly and smoothly to your destination. And this is where the Paramount Business Jets service plays the perfect part.

We help you achieve this aim in one of two ways:

  • For the larger party, we provide the flight schedule you have determined, not the schedule the commercial airlines insist you follow.
  • For smaller numbers, and if available, we utilize regional turbo-prop airliners or jet airliners we can be sure are 100% reliable and who offer a maximum cost-effectiveness for your business.

You save time, you and your fellow employees arrive at your destination speedily and conveniently, with the added option of being able to conduct business in transit if you require. It also provides for more productive office time or family time at home, because you spend far shorter periods in airports. You may even be able to eliminate an overnight stay as a result of the time you would otherwise have waste during the day in airports.

Corporate Executives in a Meeting

Focus on Business, not Travel Arrangements

With the addition of dedicated parking, private check-in facilities, the ability to arrive just a short time prior to departure and direct, no-transfer flights to your destination, you are adding value to not only your business, but to your employees' worth – something that is guaranteed to be appreciated by all concerned. And even if you require business services or a conference room prior to departure, then this can be provided for you.

Using Paramount Business Jets, you're safe in the knowledge that you are using the best in the business, with a professional and dedicate service all the way. With our charter service, you are dispensing with the discomfort and sometimes sheer frustration often experienced on scheduled flights, together with the strictures and limits they often apply in the course of needing to fill their airplanes and keep within their flying slots.

And very importantly, you also overcome the inconvenience and expense often associated with flying either to out-of-the-way destinations or to destinations renowned for expensive or poor service.

And if you are a regular traveller, the Paramount Business Jets service will prove a valuable and long-term cost-saving addition to your business.

So in reality, you'd be losing out by not booking a Paramount Business Jet!

Paramount Business Jets provides the corporate traveller with:

  • Dedicated private aviation consultants to assist you
  • Full ground management
  • Choice of over 15,000 aircraft, from small executive jets to larger party aircraft
  • Your exclusive, private use of the aircraft for your party only
  • Schedules and timings to meet your precise requirements
  • On-board services as per your specifications
  • No baggage restrictions (apart from those dictated to by aviation law)
  • Option of private check-in facilities, branding, airport announcements

To learn more and receive a customized proposal for your corporate shuttles, contact a PBJ Representative today at +1-877-727-2538.

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