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Charter a Private Jet to St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Mar 17, 2020

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Who was this St. Patrick guy in whose memory Irish and Irish wannabes around the world watch parades, do a jig and quaff millions of pints of Guinness beer every year on March 17?

Well, seems he wasn’t even Irish. His name was Maewyn Succat and he was born in Britain in the late 4th century.

We can get you there

If you want to get to any of the hundreds of parades and festivals celebrating the holiday, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby airport.

Here are details on some of the largest and oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations in the world – and how Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you to any of them:


St. Patrick's Day - Dublin

It’s no surprise that the 200-year-old parade, held on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day, is one of the biggest in the world. After all, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

Major landmarks in the city are given a green glow during the four-day festival that includes the Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival, music and boat races.

If you want to say "Erin go braugh" as you clink your beer steins together, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby Dublin airport, including:

  1. Dublin Airport, EIDW, DUB, Dublin, Ireland - (5 miles)
  2. Casement Airport, EIME, Baldonnel Easmuinn, Ireland - (8 miles)
  3. Weston Airport, EIWT, WST, Weston, Ireland - (9 miles)

New York

St. Patrick's Day - New York

The New York City parade, where two million spectators gather to see 250,000 marching participants, is the largest in the world. First held in 1762, it’s older than the United States itself.

Floats and cars are not allowed in the six-hour parade, which stops at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral but bands, bagpipes and dancers are welcome.

Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Wall Street Heliport, KJRB, New York City, NY, United States - (1 miles)
  2. West 30th St Heliport, KJRA, JRA, New York, NY, United States - (3 miles)
  3. La Guardia Airport, KLGA, LGA, New York, NY, United States - (8 miles)
  4. Newark Liberty Intl Airport, KEWR, EWR, Newark, NJ, United States - (9 miles)
  5. Teterboro Airport, KTEB, TEB, Teterboro, NJ, United States - (10 miles)
  6. John F Kennedy Intl Airport, KJFK, JFK, New York, NY, United States - (13 miles)
  7. Linden Airport, KLDJ, LDJ, Linden, NJ, United States - (14 miles)
  8. Essex County Airport, KCDW, CDW, Caldwell, NJ, United States - (18 miles)
  9. Morristown Muni Airport, KMMU, MMU, Morristown, NJ, United States - (22 miles)
  10. Allentown Queen City Muni Airport, K1N9, 1N9, Allentown, PA, United States - (28 miles)


St. Patrick's Day - Boston

The second largest parade in the U.S. is in Boston. It was started in 1901, the 125th anniversary of the British evacuation of Boston during the Revolutionary War.

If you’d like to drink green beer in Boston, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Logan Int'l Airport, KBOS, BOS, Boston, MA, United States - (3 miles)
  2. Norwood Memorial Airport, KOWD, OWD, Norwood, MA, United States - (13 miles)
  3. Laurence G Hanscom Fld Airport, KBED, BED, Bedford, MA, United States - (14 miles)
  4. Beverly Muni Airport, KBVY, BVY, Beverly, MA, United States - (17 miles)
  5. Lawrence Muni Airport, KLWM, LWM, Lawrence, MA, United States - (25 miles)
  6. Mansfield Muni Airport, K1B9, 1B9, Mansfield, MA, United States - (26 miles)
  7. Marshfield Muni - George Harlo, KGHG, Marshfield, MA, United States - (27 miles)
  8. Taunton Muni Airport, KTAN, TAN, East Taunton, MA, United States - (34 miles)
  9. Plymouth Muni Airport, KPYM, PYM, Plymouth, MA, United States - (35 miles)
  10. Boire Field Airport, KASH, ASH, Nashua, NH, United States - (37 miles)


St. Patrick's Day - Savannah

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held by the Ancient Order of Hiberians, an Irish Catholic fraternal organization, in Georgia’s oldest city in 1813. Since then it has grown to one of the largest in the world. Some 300,000 people gather on city streets to see the horses and floats.

If you’d like to hand out shamrocks in Savannah, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Hunter Aaf Airport, KSVN, SVN, Savannah, GA, United States - (6 miles)
  2. Savannah/hilton Head Intl Airport, KSAV, SAV, Savannah, GA, United States - (7 miles)
  3. Wright Aaf Airport, KLHW, LIY, Hinesville, GA, United States - (30 miles)
  4. Eagle Neck Airport, 1GA0, 1GA0, Shellman Bluff, GA, United States - (34 miles)
  5. Beaufort Mcas Airport, KNBC, NBC, Beaufort, SC, United States - (35 miles)
  6. Beaufort County Airport, KARW, ARW, Beaufort, SC, United States - (35 miles)
  7. Liberty County Airport, K2J2, 2J2, Hinesville, GA, United States - (38 miles)
  8. Claxton-evans County Airport, KCWV, CWV, Claxton, GA, United States - (46 miles)
  9. Statesboro-bulloch County Airport, KTBR, TBR, Statesboro, GA, United States - (46 miles)
  10. Sapelo Island Airport, 08GA, 08GA, Darien, GA, United States - (47 miles)


St. Patrick's Day - Chicago

The city of Chicago has been dying the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day since 1961. It’s become a tradition for some half a million people to line the river banks to watch 45 pounds of environmentally friendly green dye turn the normally murky river a bright shade of green the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. A three-hour parade follows.

If you’d like to see the backward flowing Chicago River don its St. Patrick’s Day green color, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Chicago Midway Intl Airport, KMDW, MDW, Chicago, IL, United States - (9 miles)
  2. Aurora Muni Airport, KARR, AUZ, Aurora, IL, United States - (9 miles)
  3. Chicago O'hare Intl Airport, KORD, ORD, Chicago, IL, United States - (16 miles)
  4. Gary/chicago Airport, KGYY, GYY, Gary, IN, United States - (21 miles)
  5. Palwaukee Muni Airport, KPWK, PWK, Chicago, IL, United States - (21 miles)
  6. Lansing Muni Airport, KIGQ, IGQ, Chicago, IL, United States - (24 miles)
  7. Schaumburg Regional Airport, K06C, 06C, Schaumburg, IL, United States - (25 miles)
  8. Griffith-merrillville Airport, K05C, 05C, Griffith, IN, United States - (27 miles)
  9. Clow Intl Airport, K1C5, 1C5, Bolingbrook, IL, United States - (29 miles)
  10. Frankfort Airport, LL40, LL40, Frankfort, IL, United States - (30 miles)


St. Patrick's Day - Montserrat

This British West Indies island is one of only two places outside Ireland – the other being the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador -- where St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday. Known as the Emerald Island of the Caribbean, Montserrat was a refuge for persecuted Irish Catholics in the 17th century. Most of the island’s 5,000 inhabitants claim some Irish tie. But, even if not Irish, there’s reason to celebrate during the 10-day festival. March 17 also marks the date of the island’s first slave rebellion, adding African and Caribbean tradition to the celebration.

If you’d like to take part in the "freedom run" marking the slave rebellion and then cool down with a green beer, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into one of the two nearby airports:

  1. John A. Osborne Airport, TRPG, MNI, Saint John's, Montserrat - (3 miles)
  2. V C Bird Intl Airport, TAPA, ANU, St John's (antigua), Antigua & Barbuda - (38 miles)
  3. Newcastle Airport, TKPN, NEV, Charlestown (nevis Is), St Kitts & Nevis - (42 miles)


St. Patrick's Day - Montreal

In Quebec’s largest city where there has been a St. Patrick’s Day parade every year since 1842, the tie is more to Catholic than it is to Ireland. In the city founded by Catholic missionaries, an annual three-hour parade featuring a massive statue of St. Patrick takes place the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’re interested in grabbing some of that luck of the Irish in Canada, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Montreal St Hubert Airport, CYHU, YHU, Montreal, Canada - (7 miles)
  2. Pierre Elliott Trudeau In Airport, CYUL, YUL, Montreal, Canada - (9 miles)
  3. Lachute Airport, CSE4, Lachute, Canada - (10 miles)
  4. St Jean Airport, CYJN, YJN, St Jean, Canada - (20 miles)
  5. Les Cedres Airport, CSS3, Montreal, Canada - (20 miles)
  6. Montreal Mirabel Intl Airport, CYMX, YMX, Montreal, Canada - (26 miles)
  7. St Hyacinthe Airport, CSU3, St Hyacinthe, Canada - (29 miles)
  8. Cornwall Rgnl Airport, CYCC, YCC, Cornwall, Canada - (29 miles)
  9. Rockcliffe Airport, CYRO, YRO, Ottawa, Canada - (38 miles)
  10. Sorel Airport, CSY3, Sorel, Canada - (44 miles)

Buenos Aires

St. Patrick's Day - Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, home to the fifth-largest Irish community in the world, is where the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in South America is held. A 10-block street festival erupts with Celtic music and dancing.

If you’re interested in entering its annual leprechaun costume contest, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you into any nearby airport, including:

  1. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport, SABE, AEP, Buenos Aires, Argentina - (4 miles)
  2. El Palomar Airport, SADP, EPA, Buenos Aires, Argentina - (13 miles)
  3. Moron Airport, SADM, MOR, Buenos Aires, Argentina - (16 miles)
  4. San Fernando Airport, SADF, FDO, San Fernando, Argentina - (16 miles)
  5. Saladillo Airport, SA36, Saladillo, Argentina - (18 miles)
  6. Mariano Moreno Airport, SADJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina - (23 miles)
  7. Isla Martin Garcia Airport, SA04, Isla Martin Garcia, Argentina - (30 miles)
  8. La Plata Airport, SADL, LPG, La Plata, Argentina - (38 miles)

Anywhere in the world

Those certainly aren’t the only cities where shamrocks and green beer are the order of the day in March. But, wherever you want to go, Paramount Business Jets can arrange a charter flight for you.

The St. Patrick’s Day story

Now, back to the story of the holiday’s origins.

Maewyn Succat, a Brit, was captured and enslaved by Irish raiders. When he escaped, he returned to Britain where he joined the Catholic Church and changed his name to Patrick.

Years later, he returned to Ireland as a Catholic missionary.

When he died on March 17, 461 AD, St. Patrick became the patron saint of Ireland. And, in 1903, the day of his death became a sacred national holiday in Ireland. Over the years, the holiday turned secular – drinking was banned on the holiday in Ireland until the 1970s -- and became synonymous with drinking and revelry.

And how did the wearin’ of the green begin? Well, there are a lot of stories. Shamrocks are green. Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle. Or, the most fun reason – green makes one invisible to those impish little trouble-making leprechauns.

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