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These days, over 30 percent of private jets are flying empty. Either to be in position for the next booked flight, or to return to home base. These empty flights are known as empty legs and are one way private jet flights without any payload or passengers on board. Often, these empty legs have been partially paid for by the original flyer, and are thus offered at reduced rates. Empty legs offer price advantages with cost savings of up to 75% when compared to standard private jet travel prices.

At any given time, there maybe over 3000 empty legs worldwide. Once you give us your preferred routes and dates, we can match your schedule with empty legs available in the market. Using multiple platforms, PBJ offers one of the most comprehensive empty leg search capability in the market.

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Below, we have listed some of the featured empty legs currently available. Scan the list and if you see any that you would like to book or get further information on, click on the Request link and we will promptly check on its availability and final pricing for you.

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