Have you ever wondered why so many airliners and private jets are white? At first, it might seem like a silly question. But the answer is actually an interesting mix of practicality and psychology.

When comparing safety, passenger capacity, range, and cost per hour, the color of the aircraft is probably the last thing on your mind. But there are a few reasons why most planes are white. For example, the white outer coating reflects heat. With such highly sensitive equipment on board, it’s easy to see how important it is to keep everything as cool as possible. Plus, it helps regulate the cabin temperature.

A white exterior also makes it easier to repaint damaged areas

Similarly, white private jets show fading less than other colors. Less fading and easier paintwork means you can easily sharpen up your aircraft’s appearance before selling it on – and give it a crisp, clean aesthetic for anybody who wants their logo to stand out.

The Safety Factor

White aircraft in a blue sky
White paint makes it simpler to spot hazardous cracks, leaks, and damage to the aircraft.

Some even argue that white paint makes it safer to hire a private jet. It seems crazy until you consider the aforementioned fact that white doesn’t fade in the same way that colors do. This means it’s much simpler to spot hazardous cracks, leaks, and damage to the aircraft.

Clearly, painting a private jet white before putting it out for charter is a practical move. But private jets aren’t all about practicality. They’re also about enjoying luxury service like no other.

In an age where we can so effortlessly flick our home appliances on via an app, or order custom business cards for a few dollars, surely there must be a bigger appetite for different colored private jets?

Or perhaps there isn’t – because white private jets also have a strong psychological pull.

The Psychology Behind the Color White

White Aircraft in a Light Blue Sky
White indicates the cleanliness and purity that we associate with the latest products.

It is widely known that different colors cause consumers to react in different ways. Among other feelings, red triggers hunger and yellow prompts happiness. It’s why so many fast-food chains use this particular combination. And studies have even indicated that teams wearing red are more likely to win.

So, why do private jet owners choose white, from a psychological perspective?

White is a popular choice because it indicates the cleanliness and purity that we associate with something new. Having a white private jet available for charter subtly reassures us that we’re choosing the best, most modern aircraft.

Referring to cars, the color experts at ColorPsychology.org state that white ‘expresses elegance and the desire to set oneself apart.

‘In newer, more expensive cars, it can even have an air of opulence. In any car, it brings a contemporary feel that shows taste, style and the desire to stand out in a classy way.’

Well, we can’t argue with that.