When analyzing business travel and private jets, the question might eventually arise: exactly what kinds of companies fly on private jets? Maybe you have some notion of what types of industries travel by private plane. The business and finance industries probably come to mind immediately, and you might not be too far off.

Here at Paramount Business Jets, we have spent years arranging private jet charters for businesspeople around the world. We have seen all kinds of companies and industries use our services to get where they are going. For this post, we thought it would be worth exploring some facts on what types of businesses actually use private jets most frequently to travel. Some of the information may surprise you, but we hope more than anything that you get to learn a bit more about the business jet charter industry after you are finished reading. After all, at Paramount, we want to educate as well as serve our clients. It is part of the transparency we have worked hard to integrate into our company culture.

With that said, please read on to discover what types of companies fly on private jets.

Which Groups Fly Private?

Although many individuals and their coworkers, family members, and friends fly privately, the private jet industry is also heavily populated by group clients such as businesses, governments, and other types of organizations. Let’s explore these.

1. Smaller Businesses

In 2018, the National Business Aviation Association, a nonprofit that promotes flying for business purposes, looked into the analytics of what kinds of companies interacted in some way with business planes. The organization’s report revealed that smaller-sized companies, with fewer than 500 employees, accounted for 70 percent of American business flights. As companies got larger in size, the frequency of private jet usage decreased. Companies with 5,000 or more employees were responsible for just 17 percent of private business flights.

2. Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 companies, of course, are the 500 largest American companies by revenue. It should probably surprise no one that a Fortune 500 company would appear on a list of company types that charter private planes. What is interesting, however, is why those companies are able to do this regularly. The answer is in their business models. Fortune 500 companies did not make that list overnight. They worked hard for many years to become skilled at doing their jobs, and they can afford private jet travel because they operate efficiently. Part of that efficiency is being able to fly at their own pace by choosing the arrival and departure times that are available to them through private jet charter companies.

3. U.S. Government Agencies

Do some research into private jet travel and why many public figures prefer it, and you’ll find that security is near the top of the list of advantages of private jet travel. In the case of the U.S. government agencies that use private jets, including the FBI and CIA, security is paramount. After all, if you are capable of avoiding the large public crowds in airports and onboard commercial planes, why would you not take advantage? In addition to the FBI and CIA, many high-ranking public officials in Washington, D.C. are permitted to fly by private jet if they wish, including members of Congress and the president’s Cabinet.

4. 5-Star Vacation Companies

People taking luxury vacations to exotic locations and staying at the fanciest hotel in the area might also requisition their vacation-booking company to charter them a private flight to another nearby locale that could not be accessed otherwise. The private jet trip then becomes part of the overall vacation experience. Of course, these booking companies may also utilize private jets themselves to shuttle their executives from place to place.

5. An Assortment of Top CEOs

Rounding out our list of the types of companies that fly on private jets are all the various CEOs and other corporate directors who use company-provided private planes for business or leisure. With many of them citing security and convenience as reasons for utilizing private travel, several such CEOs are reported to have used between $1 million and $2 million annually on private plane charters in the mid-2010s. Whether those individuals chartered individual planes or used aircraft owned or fractionally owned by their companies, the fact remains that business jet charters remain popular options for corporate executives to get around by air.

Why Businesses Choose Paramount

Businesses that have already decided to fly privately do not need to be convinced that private flights are superior to commercial ones. Instead, they need to know which private jet companies offer the best services and most convenience. As an experienced private jet company, Paramount of course always presents clients with a great range of private jet and airport choices and five-star concierge services.

What you may not realize, however, is that, at Paramount Business Jets, we distinguish ourselves from our competition by emphasizing safety and transparency more than anything else. Corporate executives know what to expect when they choose to charter a business jet with Paramount. They know we always provide them with safety reports for our aircraft and are upfront with them about every aspect of their payments to us, including what we make per flight.

This is something we are passionate about. We know how much businesses depend on us to get them where they are going efficiently, safely, on time, and in the luxury, they expect from private flights. And we understand that corporations certainly have their choices when looking to book their flights. At Paramount, we want to earn your company’s private flight business by being the best in options, convenience, service, safety, and transparency.

Contact Paramount Business Jets to charter your next private business flight. Whether you’re making a short trip from Chicago to New York or a longer one to a private airport in an exotic location, we are here to make your journey a success. Let us know of anything you need, and we will make it happen.