When airline users think about the benefits of flying private, they usually imagine the luxurious surroundings or abundant amenities. Or maybe the joy of personal space! 

These private jet benefits are wonderful, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Private jet charter can offer a level of flexibility and convenience that commercial travel simply can’t match. 

The Six Best Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet

Fly When You Want

When you fly commercially, you’re restricted to departing and arriving according to their schedules. When you fly privately, you make your schedule! Forget hotel stays to bridge the gap between flights and your business event or holiday reservation. Arrive when you want and leave when you want, saving precious time—and money!

Fly Where You Want

When you fly with a commercial airline, you’re limited to the airports that they serve. These are usually larger airports in major cities or popular tourist destinations. Even if you take an onward regional flight, your choice of airport will be limited. 

Private jets usually require far shorter runways and can use much smaller airports. This means that when you fly privately, you have access to around ten times the number of airports that commercial flights serve—both for departures and landings. These include more remote locations you may want to visit for a holiday. Flying privately can reduce or eliminate the need for transfers or flight changeovers, flying much more directly between your departure point and ultimate destination.

Fly With Your Pets

On commercial flights, there are restrictions as to the number, size and breed of pets you can bring along. Usually, your pet will have to travel in the cargo hold on a commercial plane. This can be very stressful, frightening and uncomfortable for them. Due to the very basic conditions in the hold, your pet won’t be able to fly at certain times of year or to specific destinations. This is because the hold will be too hot or cold, risking their health.

When you fly privately with pets, they can travel in the cabin with you, with all the comfort, safety and reassurance that brings. You can take them with you to any destination at any time of year. There’s also no restriction on size or number of pets—within sensible safety limits, of course. Your five giraffes may have to stay home!

Fly Safely

Covid-19 continues to be a concern, and experts predict that similarly dangerous viruses may emerge as we encroach further on wild habitats. Many people are choosing to reduce face-to-face contact and time spent in crowded places as much as possible. Private jet charter offers a far safer way to travel. Check-ins are quick, simple and private. You won’t be in the throng around the luggage carousel waiting for your suitcases. You only deal with a small number of crew and staff, and travel with far fewer fellow passengers.

Avoid the Crowds and the Stress

If you’ve ever booked a commercial flight to a tourist hotspot in high season, you’ll know how stressful it can be. From booking parking near the airport to crazily early check-ins and long queues, it can be a nightmare before you even get on the plane. Then there’s the struggle to stow your hand luggage and get past people to your seat on the plane. If you’re unlucky, your fellow passengers may have some antisocial habits. And that long, crowded wait at the luggage carousel all too often ends in disappointment—and no suitcase. Then there’s the rush to find the right bus to your destination or grab a cab. Add small children to the equation and things become even more fraught!

Private jet charter means arriving shortly before your flight. It means no crowds, queues, or worries about luggage: it’s all taken care of for you, quickly and quietly. Your private jet has plenty of space, and you’ll only be traveling with passengers you’ve handpicked Plus, your transfers can all be organized by your private jet broker. Just ask!

Do Business in the Air

One of the biggest private jet advantages is the ability to do business or continue working in the air. Need to host a face-to-face or online meeting? Your private jet broker can recommend the perfect jet to make it happen. Want to work on a project or arrive refreshed for an important event? Private jets can offer work tables, conference rooms, bedrooms, showers, Blu-tooth connectivity, large HD screens and many other amenities. And they provide the privacy, peace and quiet you need to concentrate on work or deal with confidential matters.

Extra Private Jet Benefits via Your Broker

A good private jet broker should offer a host of other services to make your trip perfect. Here at Paramount Business Jets, we can arrange anything from bespoke catering and specialist on-board staff to security services and transport.

To start enjoying the benefits of flying private for yourself, contact our helpful team. 

They’ll help you charter a plane perfect for your needs and discuss any additional services you require. Just call them on +1-877-727-2538 ext. 1 or email them at charter@paramountbusinessjets.com. They will be happy to help.