Imagine charming towns nestled in the heart of beautiful pristine valleys along monumental mountain ranges. If you’re thrilled with such a vision, you should definitely consider Canada for your next holiday. 

Whether you are looking for a quiet romantic getaway, a fun-filled outdoor holiday with family or require a corporate vacation with colleagues, you have quite a number of options to choose from. Charter a private jet to any Canadian jet charter destinations and get to know some of the country’s best-kept secrets and natural wonders. 

Niagara Falls

Considered by many as one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls in Ontario has been a magnet for tourists for two centuries now. After several famous people chose it as their honeymoon destination, it is often referred to as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” 

The grandeur, sheer depth and mesmerizing force of the falls make a tremendous impression on any watcher. Abundant parks, trails and rivers lie on both sides of the border between Canada and America fill the viewers with awe, inspiration and unforgettable memories.


Vancouver stands out as a favorite tourist destination due to its fantastic natural beauty. Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean nestled along the Coast Mountains rise above the  majestic city. 

A panorama of its skyline can be seen from many different viewpoints atop high coastal mountains. The harbor below is also a great place from where you can take a cruise and explore the city by boat. The downtown area with its many restaurants, museums, and festivities will keep you busy and entertained throughout your stay.


Known as Canada’s cultural hub, Montreal is bound to keep you awake and exhilarated throughout your stay. There is a wide choice of festivals, exhibitions, shows, sports events, and parties all year round.

Its French flair and style is demonstrated in century-old stone facade buildings, traditional bistros, and elegant boulevards. Montreal is a great place to taste French-inspired cuisine, listen to some edgy music, and admire historic and modern architecture. You can also enjoy its Underground City or the second largest amusement park in Canada.


Toronto has an opinion of Canada’s most cosmopolitan and international city. Bustled with theaters, museums and galleries, and varied international cuisine, Toronto offers an array of activities and lively nightlife all year round. It is at times compared to New York City with all these attractions.

Thanks to Toronto Stock Exchange at the heart of downtown, the city serves as the main business and international commerce hub. Beautifully located by Lake Ontario, the city has an impressive lake scenery. It is also recognizable thanks to the famous CN Tower. Toronto is fast becoming a much-desired destination for leisure and business travelers alike.


Quebec lies along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. Its inhabitants are lucky enough to enjoy a four-season climate as well as a variety of events. Travelers from all over the world, similarly, are attracted by the historical and political landmarks, museums, galleries, delicious food and year-round festivities and recreational activities. 

The walled Viet-Quebec, the old town, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reminds of its European founder as it is full of old buildings, charming cobblestone streets and wonderful old churches all around town. Quebec is a picturesque city with stunning scenery, rich history and culture.


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and it lies by the Ottawa River. In proximity to boggy areas, it is surrounded by miles of farmland and wetlands, rolling hills and pristine lakes.

The city offers visitors an array of interesting activities. Dozens of public festival ceremonies and celebrations annually are held in Ottawa and more than a dozen museums, such as the National Gallery of Canada, are available throughout the year. There are also many outdoor activities which makes Ottawa a wonderful place for families and a great destination for a weekend business getaway meeting. 

Visitors to Ottawa can admire beautiful historic sites, wonderful Victorian architecture and its wonderful scenery. Among the must-see places are the Parliament Hill, National Gallery of Canada, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the famous Rideau Canal which is full of boats in summer and in winter becomes the largest ice-skating rink in the world.


Located by the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is the north-most city in North America. What you should expect to find in this diverse and modern city is notable galleries and museums, beautiful gardens and parks, great cuisine, and huge shopping malls. 

Often referred to as the Shopping Capital of the World, it is home to some of the largest shopping malls and entertainment complexes of North America. Interestingly, Edmonton is a metropolitan vibrant city with both a booming economy and the serene views of the majestic North Saskatchewan River Valley on the west.


Calgary is a dynamic city situated near the Canadian Rocky Mountains and along the banks of Bow River. Some of Canada’s finest parks, most stunning waterfall viewpoints, beautiful mountains and rivers are within easy driving distance from Calgary.

To celebrate the Western Canadian old farming heritage, millions of visitors attend the Calgary Stampede, a ten-day event with a festival, rodeo, music, shows and exhibitions.  With their hats and Stetson boots, cowboys flock to nearby ranches for accommodation. 

The Rocky Mountains and their caves, as well as amazing views from atop, historic sites, and the scenic Tunnel Mountain Drive make Calgary a great adventure to be experienced.


Whistler is frequently ranked as one of the world’s top winter ski resort destinations. Not only does this wonderfully charming town attract numerous skiers and snowboarders from all over the world but it is also a paradise for rock climbers, mountain bikers, kayakers, and fishing enthusiasts. 

Besides being a fantastic place for outdoor enthusiasts, Whistler also offers world-class shopping facilities, sophisticated bars and restaurants. You can also get snowmobiling and horse-drawn sleigh rides in the evenings, which makes Whistler a great destination for family holiday.


Victoria, named after the Queen Victoria of England, is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Visitors can watch the picturesque views of the Olympic Mountains, spend afternoons on whale-watching excursions, enjoy leisurely walks along the harbor, and dine in fine restaurants near the harbor. Victoria is world-renowned for its charm, ambiance and natural environment. Its small, sophisticated and quiet harbor town can be a great place for a cozy romantic getaway.

Prince George

Prince George is a paradise for those who love the open sky and the thrill of the outdoors. Outdoor activities have no end here - you can do anything from hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, to cross country skiing to Canadian dog sledding across the adventurous trails in a winter wonderland. That doesn’t mean a shortage of city life - there is plenty to see and experience for shopping, wine and dining enthusiasts, too.


Abbotsford is located forty minutes from Vancouver downtown, by the Fraser River. It sits in the shadow of the magnetic view of Mt. Baker in Fraser Valley, the ancestral territory of the traditional Sto:lo Nation. 

Aside from its calming surroundings, Abbotsford is now known for a blend of modern lifestyle and charm of country living. It offers the visitors an array of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, golf, fishing, canoeing, skydiving, and swimming. The downtown will keep you busy with its stylish restaurants, shopping, art galleries, and historic neighborhoods.


Winnipeg is known as one of the most vibrant cultural centers in Canada. It is home to Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Manitoba Theater Center, and the Manitoba Museum which has nine galleries with interactive displays. 

During cold winter days, most of the public and visitors immerse themselves in indoor cultural and educational activities. But should you find yourself visiting Winnipeg during summer, you can take advantage of the numerous engaging outdoor activities as well. So get ready to go fishing, canoeing, hiking, or for a trip to the marshlands to watch the countless species of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates.


Kelowna is located on the sunny shores of Lake Okanagan. Surrounded by an impressive range of mountains and pristine lakes, pine forests, orchards, and sandy beaches, Kelowna is a great destination for nature lovers. You will surely find enough breathtaking landscapes, panoramic views, spectacular trails and hikes, waterfalls, and outdoor activities to each of your days. The area is famous for its vineyards and wine tasting tours. Blessed with a warm arid climate and bright sunny days, Kelowna is also an ideal place for golfers.


Kamploops is referred to as the tournament capital of Canada. Home to more than a dozen picturesque golf courses and country clubs, it hosts a number of sporting and cultural events.

The four-season climate, modern lifestyle, and cozy atmosphere make Kamloops a great destination for golfers. Thanks to its rugged landscapes of hills and grasslands, it is also a perfect spot for hikers, mountain bikers, cross country skiers, dog sledders and ice skaters in winter. Visitors can also enjoy beautiful parks, gardens, over 200 lakes, meadows, and towering alpine mountains. Kamploops is one of Canada’s sunniest destinations.

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