Learjet 70 and Learjet 75

by Richard Zaher / Jun 19, 2014

Learjet 70/75

Bombardiers Learjet line of aircraft has long been the name synonymous with mid and light jets for private jet travelers. As one of the very first private jets in the market, the term Learjet for many early private jet fliers covered any light private jet, and all of the line’s offerings have continued to be the workhorse of the charter industry. The newest members to this family are in the light/super light jet category – The Lear 70 and Lear 75. The infographics further below outline their key specifications.

These aircraft will be replacing the Lear 40 and Lear 45 as the light and super light jets of the Lear family, and continue on the upgrading expected in a new line of private jets. The 40 and 45 are retiring after 12 and 16 years of production respectively. The Learjet 70 will have an improved range because of new Honeywell engines, and upgraded winglets, providing it with a 2000+nm range over the 40s pervious 1700nm cutoff. The Learjet 75 will also have a 2000nm range, which holds fast to its predecessor as well. The Lear 70 will seat 6 in its standard configuration and the Lear 75 will have seating for up to 8.

The interiors of these aircraft are all new, with some meaningful upgrades. Passengers on previous versions of Learjets have noted the comfort of the seats. The new models have continued on this trend, but with newly designed contoured slide-out seats. The floor continues to feature a “flatbed” design, instead of the lowered center aisle. This feature makes the aircraft perfect for those traveling with pets, children or elderly passengers who often find navigating the lowered center aisle difficult. However, Bombardier has added an inch to the floor to ceiling height for a total of 5 feet of clearance. The new Garmin G5000 GPS system displays in the passenger cabin on 3 fourteen inch displays.

Light jet and super light jet passengers will continue to think of the Learjet as the name for corporate charter aircraft. With its upgrades, these two aircraft will keep clients moving across the country in comfort and modern luxury, while continuing to keep costs low at a time when inflation and fuel prices are reaching ever skyward.

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Learjet 70 Key Specifications

Learjet 70

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Learjet 75 Key Specifications

Learjet 75

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