Bombardier's Learjet line of aircraft has long been well-known among private jet travelers. As one of the very first private jet lines on the market, the name basically became synonymous with the category of mid and light jets in business aviation. For many early private jet fliers, the term Learjet covered any light private jet, and all models greatly contributed to the private charter industry. The Lear 70 and Lear 75 are special members of the family of light or super light jets. Their key specifications are outlined below.

These aircraft came in 2013 as a replacement for the Learjet 40 and 45 which were produced for 12 and 16 years respectively before they retired. Thanks to the new Honeywell engines and the upgraded winglets, the Learjet 70s and 75s range was improved up to 2000+ nm which is quite a change compared to their predecessors' 1700 nm. The Lear 70 seats 6 in its standard configuration and the Lear 75 can fit up to 8 passengers.

The interiors of these aircraft are equipped with quite a few meaningful upgrades. The previous versions of the Lear line had comfortable seats and newer models continued on this trend with a difference being newly designed contoured slide-out seats. Their floor features a “flatbed” design instead of the lowered center aisle. This makes the aircraft perfect for those traveling with pets, children or elderly passengers who often find navigating the lowered center aisle difficult. However, Bombardier added an inch to the floor to ceiling height making for a total of 5 feet of clearance. The new Garmin G5000 GPS flight deck system includes three 14-inch high-resolution displays.

Learjet 70 Key Specifications

Learjet 70

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Learjet 75 Key Specifications

Learjet 75

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Further Plans on Learjet

With the increased cabin length as well as improved navigation, performance and connectivity features, the Learjet 70 and 75 will surely keep clients moving in comfort and modern luxury, while continuing to keep costs low. This year we might see even more exciting features in these aircraft as Bombardier has recently announced that it had been working on further Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 aircraft updates. 

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