If you’ve considered flying privately—perhaps as you’ve waited next to a luggage carousel delivering everyone’s luggage but yours--what’s stopped you? Maybe you’re not sure exactly how to charter a private jet. Or perhaps you think it will be complicated.

Don’t worry. When you rent a private jet through Paramount Business Jets, the process is surprisingly simple, and you can get started with chartering a jet as needed without long term commitments and large investments!

How To Charter a Private Jet in Four Simple Steps

STEP 1: Decide on Date and Destination

Have you ever wondered, “How easy would it be to charter a plane near me?” The answer: easier than you think! Paramount Business Jets has access to a curated list of over 4000 of the finest network of planes worldwide.

When you rent a plane, you have access to over 5000 airports appose to 500 airports, there’s a much wider choice of airports available to you. You’re not restricted to the limited number of airports used by airlines. Also, smaller planes can use shorter runways and smaller airports. This means you can usually depart from an airport closer to home and land nearer to your destination, reducing the time, cost and inconvenience of transfers.

On our site, you can either:

  • search for a destination—our city pages provide a guide to the city, its nearest airports, and the jets usually available nearby. There’s also a handy map of the area.

  • use our airport search map page to find airports within a certain distance of a location.

STEP 2: Ensure You Charter a Plane That Meets Your Needs

This is the step where private jet charterers—particularly first-timers—can really benefit from the help of our Aviation Advisors. When you charter a private plane with us, we can help you locate and choose an aircraft ideal for your trip. We will ensure that you:

Rent a Safe Private Plane with the Capacity and Luggage Space You Need 

Do you want to charter a small plane just for you and a business partner, or are you holidaying with extended family? Consider passenger numbers and luggage requirements. How much space do you need for your luggage, and do you need to have access to some or all of it in-flight? Are you taking pets along?

Rent a Suitable Plane to Fly to Your Destination

Your aircraft won’t just need to be the right size for your trip, but suitable for it, too. Icy destinations, cold weather conditions and short runways can all have a bearing on aircraft choice. If you rent a private plane for a skiing holiday, for instance, and you’re landing on a small, cold runway, a turboprop may be ideal. However, if you want to fly farther and take your own skis along, you’ll usually need a large or midsize jet that will need a longer runway. The only smaller plane that can carry skis is the Citation Mustang, a very light jet with a special ski chute.

The distance you want to fly, particularly if you want to travel non-stop, affects aircraft choice too. Generally, larger jets have a longer range. For transcontinental flights, you may need an ultra-long-range jet.

Rent a Private Plane with the Amenities, Layout and Crew You Need

From very light four-seater jets with a pilot to VIP airliners such as the Boeing Business Jets with a dining room, showers, large crew and chef, the choice of planes and amenities is wide. If you need to work or hold meetings on the plane, you’ll probably want to rent a private jet with Wi-Fi included. There may be other tech you need too.

At Paramount Business Jets, we can arrange bespoke services, both in-flight and for your trip. Transfers, security services, special catering and much more can all be arranged for you.

Our aircraft page will let you browse aircraft categories and our aircraft. However, if you’re still wondering how to rent a private jet that meets all your needs, give our Aviation Advisors a call. Do you need a bedroom, business facilities or a flat floor in the cabin? Our Advisors understand the capabilities and facilities of every plane we have on offer and can suggest the best options for you. 

STEP 3: Get a Quote for Your Flight

Getting a quote is simple using our online quote form. At Paramount Business Jets, we pride ourselves on our ethical business practices, best pricing and inclusive quotes, with no hidden charge. When you rent a private jet through us, we pass the wholesale flight quote on to you, allowing you to clearly see the flight cost and our service charge.

STEP 4: Book and Pay for Your Trip

You may choose our on-demand charter pricing model or our jet card pricing. A jet card could be a great idea if this flight will be the first of many! It can be a cost-effective and convenient option for frequent private flyers.

For Reliable Service, Rent a Plane Through Us

We’ve explained how to charter a plane easily with Paramount Business Jets, but it’s not just our simple process that makes us a great choice. The safety standards to which we hold our operators, crews and aircraft are exceptionally high, and above normal industry standard as well as our nearly two decades of delivering exceptional services to our clients worldwide. We’re also committed to offering a comprehensive service, ensuring every aspect of your trip is tailormade to your requirements.

So, if you’re ready to charter a private jet, contact our friendly team of advisors. They’ll ensure you charter a plane perfect for your needs and discuss any additional services you require. They can also advise you which price model will work best for you. Just call them on +1-877-727-2538 ext. 1 or email them at charter@paramountbusinessjets.com. They will be happy to help.