Special Report by Marsik

As a descendant of celebrities and royalty, it is a profound understatement to say that I am accustomed to a certain level of opulence when I travel internationally. Indeed, in the five years I have graced the planet I have learned to demand nothing less than absolute perfection from those handling my travel arrangements – but even this finicky client was highly impressed with the service provided by Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) on my recent trip from Russia to the United States.

While my entourage handles my more pedestrian matters like finances, I was nonetheless impressed by Paramount's exclusive Transparent Private Jet Charter Pricing, which not only guaranteed the best rate for my trip, but also included a clear and upfront explanation of all charges. I may enjoy living in the lap of luxury, but I am hardly letting the cat out of the bag in saying that all discriminating felines appreciate a good deal, and fair and ethical business practices.

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A collaboration with PBJ

PBJ also helped coordinate all the documents necessary to assure my safe and unimpeded transit. Even with a “Pet Passport,” animals flying internationally are still required to have their health certificates and vaccinations in order before departure. In my case, I needed an International Veterinary Certificate just 24 hours before flying. That may have proven difficult, were it not for PBJ’s experienced travel professionals who ensured that mere bureaucratic matters did not delay my travel plans. Alas, there was also one last matter to address. I overheard my entourage discussing how the aircraft we would be traveling aboard had just flown another trip, delivering a family to Scotland... along with, ugh, their canine companion. Although I was reassured that he was a very clean animal, I nevertheless insisted that the plane be scrubbed and vacuumed thoroughly before I would set a paw inside of it. Fortunately, I was happy to find that the luxurious Gulfstream G-IV awaiting us was spotless and completely dog free, and soon it was time to fly!


My trip to Boston took about 12 hours, including a brief stopover in London. I stayed in my travel cozy for the takeoffs and landings, but once airborne the Gulfstream G-IV provided ample room for me to stretch my legs, and enjoy the experience of traveling at almost 500 miles per hour over the North Atlantic in hushed silence. I even had the opportunity to see Greenland from over 40,000 feet (actually, it is really not very green at all) between catnaps inside my special travel cozy, perched atop one of the Gulfstream's comfortable leather seats. In fact, I had just one complaint about the entire trip: the pilots insisted on disturbing my peace by deploying the engine thrust reversers on landing. I certainly made my displeasure known, though, so I doubt they will do that again.

Marsik Travel

I arrived relaxed and refreshed, and ready to meet my adoring public at the airport. A U.S. Customs agent came on board the plane soon after we touched down to welcome me to the U.S., a process that took mere minutes thanks to PBJ’s coordination with the authorities beforehand. After experiencing Paramount’s unprecedented level of service, I promptly signed up for Paramount’s Jet Card membership program. As a Paramount Jet Cardholder, I will enjoy access to transparent wholesale broker level pricing, plus a fixed management fee of 10-15% and cost savings of 20-40% below the current market price.


The Paramount Jet Card will also allow me to receive instant access to a worldwide fleet of standard and premium aircraft, and Paramount's Executive Jet Service Team is ready to assist me with the ideal selection of aircraft based on range, speed, luggage capacity, and overall comfort. Learn more about the Paramount Jet Card. Paramount Business Jets researches over 1,000 trips per month for its Members, who have access to over 15,000 business aircraft worldwide -- including turboprop aircraft, helicopters, and very-light jets, as well as the largest and most luxurious intercontinental aircraft such as Gulfstreams and Boeing Business Jets. Their experienced professionals help travelers worldwide to find the best air charter values available and are prepared to handle any situation that arises before, during, and after their journey. Now that I have had the pleasure of experiencing their unparalleled service and professional assistance, I will certainly recommend Paramount Business Jets to all of my high-flying friends – even humans – who appreciate being treated like the cat’s meow when they travel. To find out what Paramount Business Jets can do for you, visit www.paramountbusinessjets.com or call (877) 727-2538.