Paramount Business Jets with Paragon Aviation Group Joined forces to grant the largest monetary scholarship. It was a legacy scholarship in memory of Balfouria "Fury" Gilad.
From the left, Richard Zaher, Shye Gilad, Madeliene Gilad, Ashlee Nguyen, Megan Barnes, Julie O’Brien, Eve Zaher, Alexander Zaher, Leonardo Zaher

As the holiday season approaches, we at Paramount Business Jets want to express our deepest gratitude to each of you for choosing us as your preferred private jet charter service provider, colleague, and partner. Your trust has been pivotal to our success, enabling us not only to grow as a company but also to make meaningful contributions to our community.

Discover the impactful moments in our community engagement throughout 2023, all made possible by your unwavering trust, steadfast support, and collaborative partnership:

1. Educational Support:
ProJet Aviation's Education and Careers Expo attracted 1,000+ young enthusiasts, aged 16-22, from the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Paramount Business Jets and Paragon Aviation Group came together to award the largest scholarship in memory of Balfouria "Fury" Gilad.

2. Financial Assistance:
Extending a helping hand, we provided $3,000 in financial support to a deserving mother facing adversity after the tragic loss of her son and husband.

3. Scholarship Inspiration:
Recognizing and commending an individual with $4,000 whose inspirational efforts led to the awarding of $1.6 million worth of scholarships to deserving students.

4. Homeless Outreach:
Our dedicated team delivered essential supplies and food worth $5,000 to over 100 homeless individuals at the Winchester VA food shelter, involving children to impart valuable lessons about kindness.

5. Gift Card Assistance:
Paramount Business Jets donated $500 in gift cards to cover the expenses of random individuals at a gas station, spreading spontaneous acts of kindness.

6. Cash Outreach:
Personally, flying to Turkey with $10,000 USD, we handed out cash to countless homeless earthquake victims, mostly women with children.

7. Medical Travel Support:
Donating $2,000 to a local restaurant bartender and mother of two diagnosed with cancer, we alleviated the financial strain of her travel expenses to the hospital for treatment.

8. Aviation Scholarship Fund:
Making an annual $1,000 contribution to the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Paramount Business Jets Scholarship Fund, supporting students in need of financial assistance.

These impactful community contributions were made possible by your continued patronage, and for that, we are truly grateful.

As the holiday season unfolds, the entire Paramount Business Jets team extends heartfelt wishes to you, your colleagues, and your families. May this joyful time be filled with happiness, success, and cherished moments.