Private Jet Carbon Offset Systems

In 2009, a client of ours asked about a carbon offset and I began my search online. I wanted to track down a system where we could quickly and easily process private jet carbon offsetting, but could not find a single source online. There were many offset systems online to process a carbon offset for the commercial aviation industry but none for the private jet charter industry.

Even ten years later in the article, “Prince Harry and private jets: What’s the carbon footprint?” published on August 20, 2019, and written by BBC Reality Check Team, the team could not locate a source where they could calculate Prince Harry’s carbon footprint and wrote within the article the following:

“We’ve been trying to work out what the carbon emissions would be for the flights. Online emissions calculators do not factor in private jets, but companies do calculate emissions privately for clients.”

We at Paramount have been trying to access the private jet carbon emissions calculator data from a few organizations for almost a decade. These organizations ask us to send an itinerary to calculate the private jet emissions and they send back an invoice which is a two-day process from start to finish. We were told years ago that they do not want to share their calculator source codes or formulas because it is their “secret sauce” and that their competitors could get hold of it.

Ever since we have been working on researching and developing our own offset system. We researched the fuel burn per hour for over 118 private jet types ourselves, found the formulas on US Energy Information Administration and built our own calculator. To make the process as streamlined as possible we connected the results to the top NGOs who perform carbon emission offset projects to fight climate change. Our project of creating an easy private jet carbon offset system is finally complete. And it works marvelously, the entire process of creating an offset takes 2 minutes opposed to 2 days! Start to finish!

We wanted to ensure the offset happened quickly and transparently. Therefore we linked the NGOs directly to the offset system. This allows users of the carbon jet offset system a way to pay the NGOs directly, providing benefits for our clients, the organizations doing the environmental work, and our planet.

Richard Zaher in front of a Jet

"We can change an entire industry’s footprint."
- Richard Zaher, CEO, Paramount Business Jets

An Offset calcuation system usable by everyone

After the completion of the offset system, we decided to make the system an “open source” for everyone - we didn't want to keep it only for ourselves. For our private jet clients, time is more valuable than money so if we can make the process of creating a carbon offset quick, easy, and widely available, we can change an entire industry’s footprint. Here we go then! We are sharing the source codes, data, formula, along with instructions for the world’s first open-source private jet carbon offset system.

We want everyone in our entire industry — Part 91, Part 135, corporate, private and business aviation companies around the world, as well as their flight departments and websites, and especially private jet clients — to have full access to a quick, easy and cost-effective option for flying carbon neutral.

RouteAircraftFlight CostCarbon Offset Cost
New York - LondonGullfstream GIV-SP$65K - $85K USD$323.08 USD
0.004% of Flight Cost
New York - MiamiHawker 400XP$12K - $14K USD$53.76 USD
0.004% of Flight Cost
Los Angeles - Las VegasCitation Mustang$5K - $6K USD$7.58 USD
0.001% of Flight Cost

Now that the “time to create offset” is not an issue, nor is the time to develop or research the system, let’s talk about the cost of the offset itself. As seen above, it is worthwhile to offset carbon emissions when compared to the cost of the actual flights themselves. Here are some examples of a few popular flights and what you can expect to pay to offset the emissions created by your private flights.

On November 19, 2019, we are planning to make the data, source codes and instructions available to everyone in our industry. It’s free, and companies using our system can brand the system with their own company logo and colors, change the design to match theirs, and do not need to mention Paramount at all. Even our direct competitors are encouraged to use it, incorporate it in your quote systems or websites and use this data to benefit our industry and planet.

The carbon offset organizations have been holding the private jet offset data as a closely guarded secret for years now and are not necessarily going to be happy about what Paramount is doing. However, we are sending the business right back to them and helping to create a much bigger market for the carbon offset industry. We at Paramount are empowering our clients with a choice to offset or not, saving them their most important asset - time - while providing a wider selection of NGOs they want to hire to get the offset projects completed.

You may view a working demo and download your own free Private Jet Carbon Offset System and implement it on your website or process as you see fit. Please feel free to share with others in the private aviation, business, and environmental industry. We hope to see more carbon offset systems and calculators become available to everyone in the private jet industry and ultimately reduce our global carbon footprint significantly. This is our contribution to our industry and our planet. We need your help to deliver it to all those who can use it. We believe in going out and doing good in the world with our CEO, Richard Zaher, leading by example.

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